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Biomolecular materials

The BioMolecular Materials (BMM) group seeks to understand and utilize biological design strategies for materials. In many cases nature serves as an inspiration for how high performance materials can be designed. Examples of such materials are the mineralized structures in seashells, silk fiber, and the adhesives of many marine organisms.
Formation of bridging filaments in chimeric silk coacervates


Biomolecular Materials Research

We try to understand and copy how such materials function starting from a molecular level, and show how the structure of molecules and their interactions can lead to different materials properties. Proteins are especially interesting for this because the techniques of modern biology allow a very detailed molecular engineering of their structures.



Biomolecular materials


Biomolecular Publications

Biomolecular materials group





BMM is part of the The Center of Excellence in Life Inspired Hybrid Materials (LIBER)

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Kuva osoittaa, miten valmistetaan biosynteettistä hämähäkinseittiä suurjännitteen avulla
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