Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

Sustainable Bioproducts Innovation

Group led by Professor Luana Dessbesell

Luana Dessbesell aims to translate bioproducts research into commercial success

Professor Luana Dessbesell works on bridging the gap between academia and industry. Her research group Sustainable Bioproducts Innovation is a multidisciplinary group of people who seek to support the development and commercialization of new forest-based innovations.

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Professor Dessbesell in a lab, wearing a green jacket

Latest publications

Coupling material and energy flow analysis with life cycle assessment to support circular strategies at the urban level

Asterios Papageorgiou, Anna Björklund, Rajib Sinha, Maria Livia Real de Almeida, Bernhard Steubing 2024 International journal of life cycle assessment
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