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Wood Chemistry

The group is led by Professor Tapani Vuorinen and specializes in the chemistry and structure of wood, the mechanisms and kinetics of chemical reactions of wood components, and the use of vibrational spectroscopy in studying plant materials and their chemical reactions.
Wood acetate by Yesul Woo
Woodacetate by Yesul Woo, photo:Eeva Suorlahti

Our research projects:

1. CHEMARTS & DWoC 2.0

CHEMARTS is a long-term strategic collaboration between two Aalto University schools, The School of Chemical Technology (Aalto CHEM) and The School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS). Read more about CHEMARTS here.

Design Driven Value Chains In The World Of Cellulose (DWoC) is a multidisciplinary research collaboration project focused on finding new & innovative applications for cellulosic materials. Read more about the DWoC research collaboration here.

2. Catalytic Bleaching

Pulp bleaching is a fundamentally important part of a modern state-of-the-art pulp mill. The work carried out within the Wood Chemistry research group concentrates on completely new catalytic pulp bleaching innovations which could potentially lead to sizeable economic and environmental benefits due to reduced raw material and energy needs.

3. Utilization of Willow Bark

Traditionally willow (Salix) has been studied mainly as an energy crop for the combined heat and power generation. The Wood Chemistry research group is conducting research on the alternative uses of willow bark with extremely interesting and promising results. The work is currently focusing on the chemical structure of the willow bark and its fractination to extractives and fibers.

4. Cell Wall Reactivity

Doctoral candidates from the Wood Chemistry research group are taking part in a research program focusing on the development of advanced scientific methods for analyzing cellulose fiber reactivity. Work carried out within this topic include accessibility measurements based on dynamic vapour sorption (DVS) with deuterium oxide (D2O) exchange as well as work on the reactivity of cellulose fibers with iodometric titration duting TEMPO+-mediated oxidation.

5. Cell Wall Structure

The cell wall structure studies carried out in the Wood Chemistry research group aim at revealing the wood ultrastucture i.e. the organization & distribution of subcellular components such as cellulose and lignin. The ultrastructure of wood has a huge influence on the various processes that are used to transform wood into different products as the tight arrangement of cell components limit their accessibility in different chemical and mechanical treatments.

6. Raman Spectroscopy

The Wood Chemistry research group of Professor Tapani Vuorinen is pioneering the utilization of the optical UV-Raman imaging to study the structure of cell wall in combination with highly advanced mathematical and computational modelling.

7. Modeling of Pulping & Bleaching

The extensive work carried out within the wood chemistry research group on modeling of pulping and bleaching processes has resulted in e.g. the development of a pulp bleaching model which is a powerful tool for scientists and engineers alike.

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Catalyst could help bleach pulp in seconds photo: Heidi-Hanna Karhu

Latest publications:

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing

Shanu Bhardwaj, Kavindra Kumar Kesari, Mahesh Rachamalla, Shalini Mani, Ghulam Md Ashraf, Saurabh Kumar Jha, Pravir Kumar, Rashmi K. Ambasta, Harish Dureja, Hari Prasad Devkota, Gaurav Gupta, Dinesh Kumar Chellappan, Sachin Kumar Singh, Kamal Dua, Janne Ruokolainen, Mohammad Amjad Kamal, Shreesh Ojha, Niraj Kumar Jha 2021 Journal of Advanced Research

Fast HILIC method for separation and quantification of non-volatile aromatic compounds and monosaccharides from willow (Salix sp.) bark extract

Heidi Meriö-Talvio, Jinze Dou, Tapani Vuorinen, Leena Pitkänen 2021 Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Chromatographic recovery and purification of natural phytochemicals from underappreciated willow bark water extracts

Jinze Dou, Jari Heinonen, Tapani Vuorinen, Chunlin Xu, Tuomo Sainio 2021 Separation and Purification Technology

Cellulose dissolution in aqueous NaOH–ZnO : effect of pulp pretreatment at macro and molecular levels

Saija Väisänen, Harri Kosonen, Matti Ristolainen, Tapani Vuorinen 2021 Cellulose

Cellulose dissolution in aqueous NaOH–ZnO : cellulose reactivity and the role of ZnO

Saija Väisänen, Rubina Ajdary, Michael Altgen, Kaarlo Nieminen, Kavindra K. Kesari, Janne Ruokolainen, Orlando J. Rojas, Tapani Vuorinen 2021 Cellulose

Immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

M. B. Usman, S. Bhardwaj, S. Roychoudhury, D. Kumar, A. Alexiou, P. Kumar, R. K. Ambasta, P. Prasher, S. Shukla, V. Upadhye, F. A. Khan, R. Awasthi, M. D. Shastri, S. K. Singh, G. Gupta, D. K. Chellappan, K. Dua, S. K. Jha, J. Ruokolainen, K. K. Kesari, Shreesh Ojha, Niraj Kumar Jha 2021 Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

Synthesis, in silico study, and anti-cancer activity of thiosemicarbazone derivatives

Belay Zeleke Sibuh, Piyush Kumar Gupta, Pankaj Taneja, Sonia Khanna, Paratpar Sarkar, Sanya Pachisia, Abrar Ali Khan, Niraj Kumar Jha, Kamal Dua, Sachin Kumar Singh, Sadanand Pandey, Petr Slama, Kavindra Kumar Kesari, Shubhadeep Roychoudhury 2021 BIOMEDICINES

Recent advances in cardiac tissue engineering for the management of myocardium infarction

Vineeta Sharma, Sanat Kumar Dash, Kavitha Govarthanan, Rekha Gahtori, Nidhi Negi, Mahmood Barani, Richa Tomar, Sudip Chakraborty, Santosh Mathapati, Dillip Kumar Bishi, Poonam Negi, Kamal Dua, Sachin Kumar Singh, Rohit Gundamaraju, Abhijit Dey, Janne Ruokolainen, Vijay Kumar Thakur, Kavindra Kumar Kesari, Niraj Kumar Jha, Piyush Kumar Gupta, Shreesh Ojha 2021 Cells

Materialising the Future – CHEMARTS 10 years

Pirjo Kääriäinen, Saara Kantele, Irene Purasachit, Liisa Tervinen, Tatja Jakovlev, Nina Riutta, Aarni Tujula, Tapani Vuorinen 2021

Infrared photo-induced force microscopy unveils nanoscale features of Norway spruce fibre wall

Kavindra Kumar Kesari, Padraic O’Reilly, Jani Seitsonen, Janne Ruokolainen, Tapani Vuorinen 2021 Cellulose
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