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Clean Technologies

Clean Technologies group led by Prof. Olli Dahl develops sustainable industrial processes for treatment of waste water and industrial residues.
The group highlights the viewpoint of sustainable development. The responsible use of raw materials and development of Cleantech-processes in harmony with the management and control of industrial environmental load are the most important objectives in the research field we provide. In environmental technology the research focus is on holistic management and control of industrial environmental load to water, air and solids.
Clean Technologies Reseach Group
Clean Technologies Research Group

Research themes

Research is divided in three main themes: EPR (Effluent Purification and Reuse), NPPD (New Processes and Products Development) SURE (Sustainable Reuse of Solids) and WQOPI (Water Quality Optimisation for Process Industries). Social aspects of sustainability are taken into consideration through our collaboration in educational development and coordination of joint international projects.

Effluent purification and reuse

EPR-theme focuses on purification and reuse of wastewaters from industry.

New Processes and Product Development

NPPD-theme focuses on development of new and sustainable prosesses and products.

Sustainable Reuse of Solids

SURE-theme focuses on recycle and reuse of residuals from process industry.

WQOPI (Water Quality Optimisation for Process Industries)

We believe that through water quality optimisation the performance of minerals beneficiation processes can be improved, bringing not only financial benefits to the mining operations, but also lessening of the environmental load. Therefore in our research we focus on the effects of water quality on process performance, testing of water quality monitoring tools, advanced data analysis and development of sustainable water treatment processes.

Examples of ongoing research projects

Latest publications

More information on our research in the Research database.
Research database

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