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The research group's work focuses on cellulose fibre modification technology and new wood-based products.
AaltoCell_Next phase of utilizing Finnish cellulose
Photo: Aalto University

Our research areas:

  1. Processes and products of the bio-based industry -especially wood-based fibers
  2. Finding potential innovations based on applications of the latest lignocellulosic findings

We aim to Develop co- operation in the field of research and education between the Southeastern University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) and Aalto University. The research is done in close cooperation with the industry.

CHEM professor Juha Lipponen

The forest industry and its products have a golden opportunity to be in the driver’s seat to lead the global fossil-free transformation.

Juha Lipponen, head of the research group
CHEM professor Juha Lipponen
Photo: Aalto University / Kukka Maria Rosenlund

I am doing research on cellulose fiber modification technology and new wood-based products. As a newcomer, I am currently in the process of putting together the research projects and assembling the research group.

Throughout my entire career in the industry, I have been privileged to work with very talented people and very interesting and challenging topics.

In 1993, I invented in my Master’s thesis—together with my thesis supervisor—a whole new type of multinip calender, which replaced the existing 150-year-old supercalendering technology with a simple mechanical invention related to the roll stack structure of the calender. The calender (Valmet’s Opti Calender Multinip) rapidly blew away the competition—in the following years, the new calender became a billion-euro business for Valmet.

I was nominated Young Scientist of the Year in 2003 by Tekniikan Edistämisäätiö of the Ministry of Trade and Industry for the findings in my doctoral thesis.

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Revolutionising the bio-based industry

An interview of the new Professor of Practice Juha Lipponen from the School of Chemical Engineering.

Professor Juha Lipponen standing at Kemistintie

Innovation expert Juha Lipponen to become Professor of Practice for the Department of Bioproducts and biosystems

A new professor of practice position has been created which will strengthen research into cellulose fibre modification technology and new wood-based products. Juha Lipponen will work at both Aalto University and Savonlinna Technology Park. Lipponen, who has had a long career in innovation, is also one of the finalists for this spring's Finnish Engineering Award.

Juha Lipponen

Latest publications:

Innovations in hydrogel-based manufacturing: A comprehensive review of direct ink writing technique for biomedical applications

Hossein Baniasadi, Roozbeh Abidnejad, Mahyar Fazeli, Juha Lipponen, Jukka Niskanen, Eero Kontturi, Jukka Seppälä, Orlando J. Rojas 2024 Advances in Colloid and Interface Science

Recycled carbon fiber reinforced composites: Enhancing mechanical properties through co-functionalization of carbon nanotube-bonded microfibrillated cellulose

Mahyar Fazeli, Siddharth Jayaprakash, Hossein Baniasadi, Roozbeh Abidnejad, Juha Lipponen 2024 Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing

Lignin beyond the status quo: Recent and emerging composite applications

Mahyar Fazeli, Sritama Mukherjee, Hossein Baniasadi, Roozbeh Abidnejad, Muhammad Mujtaba, Juha Lipponen, Jukka Seppälä, Orlando Rojas Gaona 2023 Green Chemistry

Lignocellulosic biomass from agricultural waste to the circular economy: a review with focus on biofuels, biocomposites and bioplastics

Muhammad Mujtaba, Leonardo Fernandes Fraceto, Mahyar Fazeli, Sritama Mukherjee, Susilaine Maira Savassa, Gerson Araujo de Medeiros, Anderson do Espírito Santo Pereira, Sandro Donnini Mancini, Juha Lipponen, Francisco Vilaplana 2023 Journal of Cleaner Production

Trends and challenges in the development of bio-based barrier coating materials for paper/cardboard food packaging; a review

Muhammad Mujtaba, Juha Lipponen, Mari Ojanen, Sami Puttonen, Henri Vaittinen 2022 Science of the Total Environment

Coating and Surface Sizing Technologies

Juha Lipponen 2009 Pigment Coating and Surface Sizing

Latest developments in board and fine paper surface sizing research

Juha Lipponen 2007 Proceedings of PIRA sizing conference
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