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Paper Converting and Packaging

Led by Professor Jouni Paltakari, the teaching and research group for paper converting and packaging technology focuses on unit operations and technologies for adding value for fibre based substrates in converting processes and packaging applications.
Aalto University/The Research Group for Paper Converting and Packaging

Pigment coating solutions and new material combinations consisting e.g. nanocellulose as a renewable biomaterial are of great interest in our research and education. In addition, functional and intelligent solutions and products are also covered in our operation.

Latest publications

Comparative screening of the structural and thermomechanical properties of FDM filaments comprising thermoplastics loaded with cellulose, carbon and glass fibers

Alp Karakoç, Vibhore K. Rastogi, Tapani Isoaho, Blaise Tardy, Jouni Paltakari, Orlando J. Rojas 2020 Materials

Data-Driven Computational Homogenization Method Based on Euclidean Bipartite Matching

Alp Karakoç, Jouni Paltakari, Ertugrul Taciroglu 2020 Journal of Engineering Mechanics

On the computational homogenization of three-dimensional fibrous materials

Alp Karakoҫ, Jouni Paltakari, Ertugrul Taciroglu 2020 Composite Structures

Correction to

Jani Lehmonen, Elias Retulainen, Jouni Paltakari, Karita Kinnunen-Raudaskoski, Antti Koponen 2020 Cellulose

Dewatering of foam-laid and water-laid structures and the formed web properties

Jani Lehmonen, Elias Retulainen, Jouni Paltakari, Karita Kinnunen-Raudaskoski, Antti Koponen 2020 Cellulose

Novel Insight into the Separation and Composite Utilization of Sclerenchyma Fiber Bundles of Willow Bark

Jinze Dou, Jouni Paltakari, Leena Sisko Johansson, Tapani Vuorinen 2019 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

3D bacterial cellulose biofabrication using superhydrophobized molds

Luiz Guilherme Garcia Greca, Janika Lehtonen, Blaise Tardy, Mandi Rafiee, Alp Karakoc, Bruno Mattos, Orlando Rojas 2019 Abstracts of papers of the American Chemical Society

Hot electron-induced electrochemiluminescence at cellulose derivatives-based composite electrodes

Päivi Grönroos, Kalle Salminen, Jouni Paltakari, Qiang Zhang, Nan Wei, Esko Kauppinen, Sakari Kulmala 2019 Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry

A processing route for dip-coating and characterization of multi-structured ceramic foam

Kumar Rastogi Vibhore Kumar Rastogi, Bo Jiang, Philip N. Sturzenegger, U. T. Gonzenbach, Marc Vetterli, Gurdial Blugan, J. Kuebler 2019 Ceramics International
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