FinnCERES, competence center for materials bioeconomy, is a Flagship for our sustainable future.
Birch leaves. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya

FinnCERES is a joint competence center for materials bioeconomy between Aalto and VTT. We aim to ensure our sustainable future by developing materials and applications for the future bio-economy with a solid scientific foundation.

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Aalto and VTT have formed a globally top-ranked competence cluster on lignocellulose and bioeconomy materials with a proven scientific and economic impact track record.

FinnCERES directly supports the realization of the Finnish national bioeconomy strategy by creating new business based on novel value-added products manufactured from the constituents of wood. By providing a solid scientific foundation, we contribute to the Finnish forest industry renewal.

Transformation by FinnCERES

FinnCERES addresses some of the most urgent global megatrends such as resource sufficiency, climate change, and quality of life. These challenges are turned into opportunities, and with help of scientific discoveries further into potential solutions:

  • The usage of new biomaterials to replace or capture plastics;
  • Overpass the textile fibre gap;
  • Development the light-weight materials for various end-uses;
  • Evaluation of solutions for partly bio-based electronics and many more.

FinnCERES is based on the well-established collaboration on bioeconomy between Aalto and VTT, the advanced bioeconomy infrastructure, and continuous technological progression. The Flagship operates in close collaboration with the industry and other stakeholders in order to create economic and societal impact from its scientific results.

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Kaksi perhosen muotoon taivutettua neuletekstiilinäytettä rinnakkain: toinen on harmaanruskea, toinen sähköisen vihreä.
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FinnCERES and the joint Nordic research project on smart textiles are showcased at the World Circular Economy Forum in Brussels

The exhibition features innovative bioeconomy products and prototypes of textiles responsive to temperature and light.
Professori Monika Österberg.
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Professor Monika Österberg's team received funding for the development of bio-based packaging materials

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation funding awarded to Professor Monika Österberg's team will enable Aalto University and Kemira to explore the possibilities of developing fully bio-based packaging materials to reduce the use of plastics in the packaging industry.
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A greener route to blue – a new method drastically reduces the amount of solvent needed to produce widely used organic dyes

Phthalocyanines dyes can be produced with solid-state synthesis instead of high-boiling organic solvents.
FinnCERES logo
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World-leading research on bio-based materials continues in Finland

The Academy of Finland continues to support the FinnCERES materials bioeconomy Flagship with a significant funding of up to 10.7 M€ for 2022-2026. Over 6 M€ of the funding has been officially confirmed and the final grant will be announced early 2025.
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