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Textile Chemistry

Our goal in the Textile Chemistry group is to develop novel chemical treatments and technologies with lower environmental impacts.
Textile by Aoi Yoshizawa
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The huge global textile market is increasing steadily by increasing the population and growing demand. The textile industry is the main source of income in some countries and plays a vital role in the economy.

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The high profitability of the textile industry often comes at the price of polluting the environment because of the remaining chemicals in wastewater.

The motivation for developing green and sustainable textile processes is to promote the bioeconomy of Finland by working on the whole value chain of recently developed man-made cellulose fibers in the country and expand their portfolio.

Research areas:

  1. Textile Coloration and Printing
  2. Textile Chemical Treatments and Finishing
  3. Electrospun membranes for various applications





We welcome any opportunity for research development and collaboration with companies and research places.  You may contact us if you are interested to know more about our research activities.


PhD/Postdoc opportunities:

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Associate Professor Ali Tehrani standing in front of blooming trees.

Latest publications:

Elliptic percolation model for predicting the electrical conductivity of graphene-polymer composites

Asghar Aryanfar, Sajed Medlej, Ali Tarhini, Ali R. Tehrani B 2021 Soft Matter

Thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy resin reinforced with modified iron oxide nanoparticles

Yasmine N. Baghdadi, Lucia Youssef, Kamal Bouhadir, Mohammad Harb, Samir Mustapha, Digambara Patra, Ali Reza Tehrani-Bagha 2021 Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Grafting of Wool with Alginate Biopolymer/Nano Ag as a Clean Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Agent : Characterization and Natural Dyeing Studies

Mousa Sadeghi-Kiakhani, Siyamak Safapour, Sara Alsadat Habibzadeh, Ali R. Tehrani-Bagha 2021 JOURNAL OF POLYMERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT

Ultrasound-assisted extraction of natural dyes from Hawthorn fruits for dyeing polyamide fabric and study its fastness, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties

Mousa Sadeghi-Kiakhani, Ali Reza Tehrani-Bagha, Siyamak Safapour, Solmaz Eshaghloo-Galugahi, Seyed Masoud Etezad 2020 Environment, Development and Sustainability
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