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Biohybrid Materials Group (BiHy) does research at the interface of chemistry, physics and biochemistry. Our long term aim is to integrate biological and synthetic building blocks in a designed manner to combine the versatility of synthetic materials and highly controlled assembly properties of biomolecules. The group is led by Prof. Mauri Kostiainen.
CCMV AuNP lattice

Biohybrid materials research group is young (established in 2013) and dynamic. Our research focuses on biohybrid materials, which allow the best features of synthetic and biological material types to be combined. We use advanced nanoparticle, organic and polymer synthesis methods to prepare synthetic building blocks, which are self-assembled mainly in biocompatible aqueous environment with biomacromolecules (DNA, proteins, viruses, cellulose, lignin). Our group utilizes high-end characterisation techniques: atomic force microscopy, cryogenic transmission electron microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering to study the systems.

The research topics include for example (please see research for further details):

  • Protein cages
  • Structural DNA nanotechnology
  • Dendrimers, dendrons and their bioconjugates
  • Heparin binders
  • Lignin nanoparticles

The group is well-connected nationally as well as internationally. We collaborate extensively with international research groups and have memberships in prestigious national networks e.g.:

Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Molecular Engineering of Biosynthetic Hybrid Materials (HYBER, 2014-2019)

Biocentrum Helsinki (2014-2016)


Open Positions at BiHy:

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