Onboarding Guide for New Employees

To help new Aalto employees adapt quickly to Aalto and learn its ropes, below are provided guidance and links to specific areas of useful information. Please take a closer look!
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We are very happy to have you onboard!

This page is compiled to help you with your onboarding and orientation to Aalto and to your new tasks. You can further discuss these with your unit HR and your own supervisor/manager.

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Further Onboarding info for new Professors, Researchers and Managers

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Researcher Onboarding

This page contains relevant topics for new researchers' onboarding to Aalto as new workplace. Onboarding and orientation are important when starting new work.


Onboarding for eveyone: Here are initial topics

  • Personal information and employment contract: When the employment contract is signed and your personal information has been entered into our systems, you will get an Aalto account for using Aalto IT services. Deliver your tax card to Aalto payroll or to your local HR. Provide also your bank account details in Workday HR system or to your local HR asap.
  • Username and e-mail: You can get your username from the service where signing in takes place using your personal internet bank codes or by visiting Aalto IT Servicedesk with your ID.
  • Internal Communications & is a university website that compiles key information, practices, instructions, and sources of inspiration for your work. Just login at right corner and use the magnifying glass to search for  different topics. You will receive Aalto Newsletter to your email every second week.
  • Keys and key card: You will get a key card which is used for entering buildings and work spaces. Your unit will order the key card and key for you and you will be informed when and how to get them.
  • Work station: Get to know your work station and your tools. These will be waiting for you on your first day at work.
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Onboarding checklist for new employee

Onboarding and orientation checklist for new employee

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Activating an Aalto user ID

Every student and employee at Aalto University is provided with an Aalto University user ID. With the user ID, you can log in to Aalto’s information systems and use the internal services of the university.

Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Campus maps, addresses and getting to Otaniemi

Here you will find all practical information compiled!


During the first weeks it is a good idea to go through these

  1. Review your tasks and the goals of your job.
  2. Get to know your working community and its working methods.
  3. Go through the guidelines linked with your work, including working hours, monitoring of working time, and payment of salaries.
  4. Go through IT and data security matters, as well as the basic guidelines linked on the use of the required tools.

Three to five months after the start of your job, talk again to your supervisor -about your tasks, goals, and how you have succeeded in your work. You should also evaluate the success of the orientation process.

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Information security at Aalto University

Remember your information security!


Practical matters

Here some more practical links. You can just search for any needed information from main page with magnifying glass search tool.

    Campus life

    For international staff

    Are you thinking of moving to Finland to work at Aalto University - or are you already an international member of the Aalto community? The information below might provide interesting insight in the practicalities of living in Finland and working at Aalto.

    Careers at Aalto

    Here you can book spaces and objects for teaching, research and support activities.

    Aerial photo of Väre in Otaniemi

    Establishing a remote connection (VPN) to an Aalto network

    A remote connection, or a VPN connection, enables users to use the services of Aalto University outside of the university's network.

    Aalto University Communications Services, illustrative image of colour blocks by Mikko Raskinen

    Communications Services - Aalto University Communications

    We help you make your activities visible through focused and timely means of communications.

    Service entities
    aalto it help en

    IT Help

    Here you can find instructions related to IT Services.

    Wellbeing, benefits and services

    • Inexpensive lunch restaurants on the main campus
    • GP-level occupational health services
    • Versatile exercise services (Unisport)
    • Flexible working hours and a possibility for telecommuting
    • Good possibilities to develop your own skills and knowledge
    • Aalto University Learning Centre - access to databases, order material directly to your desk

    Occupational health care

    Aalto University provides its employees with both statutory occupational health care and occupational health physician services.


    Staff training

    Staff training is one way to develop expertise, together with on-the-job learning and peer learning.

    Service entities

    UniSport sports services

    UniSport offers sporty meeting spots for members of the academic community at the two universities’ six campuses.



    The personnel may use the massage services during working hours.

    Harald Herlin Learning Centre, a view from the second floor to downstairs reading area. Photo by Aalto University / Tuomas Uusheimo

    Harald Herlin Learning Centre

    Address: Otaniementie 9. Modern learning centre designed by Alvar Aalto, finished in 1969, and renovated in 2016.

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    Flexible work and telework

    Flexible work promotes employee welfare. This document includes the principles for these operating practices.

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    Campus restaurants and cafés

    Information on the lunch-time restaurants and cafés on the Aalto University campuses. Please, check each restaurant’s and café’s own website for information on varying opening hours.

    Lumikinos. Opiskelija laskee mäkeä Alvarin aukiolla. Taustalla kandidaattikeskus.

    Accessible Aalto

    Aalto University strives towards being an accessible, safe and healthy university where research, teaching and services are accessible for all.

    Aalto University
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    My Dialogues (former Objective & development discussions)

    My Dialogues are practical tool for the building excellence together. Here you'll find instructions for My Dialogues.

    Aalto People

    Aalto People - Presenting the staff

    Aalto People is a business card that the people at Aalto can use to describe themselves online. For researchers and employees, Aalto People collects information related to them from several Aalto source systems, letting them publish it for viewing by others if they so wish.


    Socialising and recreation

    Having social networks helps you feel at home! Aalto University organises many events and other possibilities for international staff and their families to meet and mingle and thus hopefully settle in smoothly. Some examples are Aalto Club and Experiencing Finland event. In addition, we have collected tips and links for you to find the most suitable information.



    Aalto Events

    Three students sitting next to a wooden table, and studying. Two of them have laptops in front of them. Photo: Unto Rautio

    Aalto University Stories

    Otaniemi stories present people in Otaniemi.

    Aalto University / Aalto students studying / photo: Unto Rautio


    Aalto University offers numerous opportunities for collaboration and networking.

    Aalto ELEC Project Gala 8.12.2016


    Aalto University is actively networking nationally and internationally and the department professors have excellent individual contacts worldwide. This provides the doctoral candidates various possibilities to get contacts and peer support. The university has several international thematic doctoral programmes running under the six Aalto doctoral programmes.

    Research & Art
    Allonhuiput logo


    Aallonhuiput doctoral student association

    Aalto University

    Deepen your knowledge on Aalto.

    Aallon tapa toimia

    Code of Conduct

    The Aalto Code of Conduct summarises the principles of fair play and integrity that govern our activities and sets out guidelines for the kind of behaviour that we expect of each other. It is based on Aalto’s values and establishes a common operational culture.

    Aalto University
    Learning Centre / Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo


    Aalto University is a foundation-based university.

    Aalto University
    Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto

    Strategy 2016–2020: Shaping the future

    The Aalto University strategy for 2016–2020 emphasises excellence, multidisciplinarity, entrepreneurship, and societal impact.

    Aalto University
    Aerial photo of Väre and A Bloc buildings / Photo by Aalto University, Mikko Raskinen

    Schools, departments and units

    Scientific research, artistic activities and teaching are carried out at Aalto's six schools and their departments and units.

    Aalto University
    Aalto Party 2017. Photo: Aalto University/ Pinja Valja

    Sustainable Aalto

    Understood through all its dimensions - ecological, social, economic and cultural - we are committed to carrying out our activities in a sustainable manner. For example, we work actively to develop the energy efficiency of our property portfolio and to reduce energy consumption in our campuses.


    We at Aalto are passionate about

    Environmental Engineering. Photo: Mikko Raskinen/ Aalto University


    We are committed to promoting sustainable development through research and education as well as in our campus development and other daily practices.

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    What are Aalto Platforms?

    Platforms facilitate transdisciplinary actions in 8 thematic areas. They bring together Aalto's expertise across departments and support networking and collaboration.

    Research & Art
    Unexpected Encounters_Photo_Mikko_Raskinen

    Renewing society by art, creativity and design

    Aalto University promotes creativity in all disciplines and communities. One of our strategic targets is to renew society through art, creativity and design. We are a forerunner in combining art and creative practices with research and education.

    Research & Art
    Close-up of two students making notes on a research article while reading it.

    Open science and research

    The principle of openness is the key principle of science and research. At Aalto University, the most visible forms of open science are open access publications, open research data and metadata, and combining openess and commercialization.

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