Activating an Aalto user ID

How to activate your user account (ID).

Every student and employee at Aalto University is provided with an Aalto University user ID. You will receive an invitation email when your digital identity is created. You need to active your digital identity to get the user ID and password. With the user ID, you can log in to Aalto’s information systems and use the internal services of the university. You can activate the user ID either in the Self-service Portal at https://password.aalto.fior by visiting the customer service desk of Aalto University’s IT Services.

You must not make your personal username or password available to others. You are responsible for all use of your username and password. The policy governing the use of Aalto University’s information systems (hereafter the ‘Policy’) applies to all members of the Aalto University community, and it is applied to all information systems, and use thereof, which are in the university’s possession or otherwise at the responsibility of the university.

Activating the user ID in the Self-service Portal

You can activate the user ID in the self-service portal at Using the service requires identification with a banking ID or an ID card equipped with a chip issued by the Finnish police. 

Start activation at by selecting Activate account.



Activating the user ID at the IT Service Desk

You can activate the user ID by visiting the IT Service Desk. Be prepared to authenticate your identity by showing an official ID, meaning a passport, Finnish ID card or Finnish driver's license.

Contact information:

Activating the user ID with your personal registration link

If you cannot use a banking ID or an ID card equipped with a chip issued by the Finnish police, or visit the IT Service Desk, you can use the personal registration link in your activation email.

See the instructions how to do this:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why have I not received the activation link yet?

  • User IDs are activated no earlier than one month before the start of the right to study.
  • Messages are sent in a staggered manner, not everyone leaves at the same time.

My contact information (such as phone number or email address) is incorrect in my information or has changed

I was informed that the phone number has been changed but the activation link still has the old phone number

  • Wait, you will receive a new activation link.

The activation text message does not arrive even if my phone number is correct in the activation link

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How to get an access token and access rights

How to proceed when you need an access token and access rights on Aalto university campus located in Otaniemi (staff and students). Here is also an instruction how to proceed if your employment/studying right ends.

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