Onboarding to Aalto

This page compiles all onboarding, orientation and induction related pages on guidelines, practices and support at Aalto.
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For new employee

Onboarding guide for new employee

Orientation and onboarding info with links to relevant information for new Aalto employees.

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Onboarding checklist for new employee

Onboarding and orientation checklist for new employee

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Workday Learning

Link to Workday Learning tool


Code of Conduct

The Aalto Code of Conduct summarises the principles of fair play and integrity that govern our activities and sets out guidelines for the kind of behaviour that we expect of each other. It is based on Aalto’s values and establishes a common operational culture.

Aallon tapa toimia

New employee instructions – School of Engineering

Instructions and checklists for new employees on regular-hours and fixed-hours contracts.

For managers, leaders and supervisors

Onboarding checklist for supervisors and managers

Onboarding checklist to help supervisors and managers with onboarding and orientating new employees. Onboarding is an important part of starting in new work.

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More topics on onboarding

More information

HR Services

HR Services support work and managerial duties carried out at Aalto by helping at every stage of the employment relationship.


Human Resource (HR) services contact details

Contact details to Human Resources (HR) services for Joint University services as well as for HR units at Schools and Departments.

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HR Services

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