Incoming International Staff

Internationality is part of the day-to-day life in Aalto University and we regularly recruit staff from outside of Finland.
On this page read more on inviting incoming international staff. The receiving department or unit HR will take care of preparing a Hosting Agreement for the incoming person.
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Arriving process

There are many obligatory tasks when moving to Finland. Responsibilities of these tasks vary between the department HR and the incoming employee. Department HR provides guidance with the process to employee, if needed.

"Process for Incoming Aalto Staff"- (see attachment below) demonstrates arrival process step- by-step and eases both the department HR and the new incoming employee in going through the arrival process. 

Hosting agreement

Aalto University Hosting Agreement is sent to incoming non-EU staff/faculty members before their arrival by the receiving HR unit. The agreement defines the receiving unit, the inviter and the job description, salary and the working period of the invited person, hence it can be attached to permit/visa applications in place of employment contract.

The Hosting Agreement helps the incoming person to apply the necessary immigration permits (such as visa or residence permit) in the country of residence before the actual work contract has been signed.

Those coming to do research in Aalto with a grant can be invited with the same Hosting Agreement.

Immigration formalities

Immigration formalities and registration in Finland varies depending on where the person is immigrating from, and what is the nationality; the Nordic countries, EE/EEA countries or Non-EU countries. Check the necessary registration formalities in the checklists, found at Preparing for arrival- pages (

Department HR can provide guidance with the immigration formalities, if needed.

NOTE! Person with nationality other than EU/ETA countries/ Nordic countries, is not allowed to start working at Aalto University before obtaining a valid residence permit!

Other support material


Onboarding guide for new employee ( provides help for the new Aalto employees to adapt quickly to Aalto University.  However supervisor and team members plays essential role in supporting the newcomer to gain the sense of belonging to the team and to Aalto.

Feeling at Home- support

Experiencing Finland event (twice a year), casual and relaxed Aalto Club excursions are examples of events Aalto University wants to provide to our international community in order to make them feel more at home in Finland and at Aalto. More info can be found at Socialising and recreation -pages (

Related info

Human Resource (HR) services contact details

Contact details to Human Resources (HR) services for Joint University services as well as for HR units at Schools and Departments.

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International mobility of our staff index

International mobility of our staff index

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Moving to Finland

Via this page you’ll find information on practical issues regarding moving to Finland, such as social security, taxation and opening a bank account.

Preparing for arrival

This page provides information on practices necessary for entering and starting your stay in Finland.

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For families and spouses

Moving to Finland? Here you can learn more about practicalities.


Finding a private rental

For longer term accommodation in Helsinki region the best options are either renting or purchasing an apartment or a house. In case you are planning to purchase an apartment we recommend you to contact your bank and/or estate agencies to gain professional assistance and advice. Here you'll find information on renting an apartment, rental rates, and how to find an apartment.

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