Aalto University

Schools, departments and units

Scientific research, artistic activities and teaching are carried out at Aalto's six schools and their departments and units.

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering teaches and researches fields that encompass all aspects of our built-up environment. Global warming, energy conservation and sustainable use of natural resources are the focus areas of both research and teaching.

Research machine surfing on the ice at the Aalto Ice Tank.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a leading multidisciplinary research establishment with strong industrial ties and impact on industry and society alike.

Students and teaching staff at the Aalto University Environmental Hydraulics Lab

Department of Built Environment

Water resources, spatial data, sustainable asset management and safe transportation.

Researcher at the Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering aims to build the structures of tomorrow through research, education and collaboration.

School of Business

The School of Business is Finland's leading business school and one of the top business schools in Europe. The Aalto University School of Business was the first business school in the Nordic countries to receive the most important international quality accreditations of the field: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. This makes it one of the best business schools in the world.


    Stack of management books.

    Department of Management Studies

    The Department of Management Studies offers a dynamic environment for scholarship and learning.

    Department of Accounting group photo by Heidi Kouvo

    Department of Accounting & Business Law

    The Department of Accounting is one of the leading research faculties in the Nordic region.

    marketing major

    Department of Marketing

    The Department of Marketing is a thriving and dynamic community of faculty, researchers, staff, and students. The department has earned international acclaim for its ambitious and rigorous research output. We are at the bleeding edge of marketing.

    Architectural picture of the inside of the School of Business. Many people sitting on different coloured chairs.

    Department of Finance

    The Department of Finance is the leading finance department in Finland with a strong dedication to research.

    Outside picture of the School of Business building in Otaniemi. Three Aalto Flags swinging in front of the building.

    Department of Economics

    The Department of Economics provides a comprehensive insight into the functioning of economies and the environment in which companies operate.

    Two business students, one is holding a laptop, discussing with the Professor after his lecture. Another group of students talk in the background.

    Department of Information and Service Management

    The Department of Information and Service Management refers to the creative use of information and digital technology in business and the move from industrial to service dominant forms of production.

    School of Chemical Engineering

    Important areas of research conducted at the School of Chemical Engineering include environmentally friendly and energy-efficient processes, diverse utilisation of wood and other biomaterials, new materials and their application, new motor fuels, shaping of micro-organisms and enzymes, and new drugs and biomaterials.


     Simone Haslinger and Sherif Elsayed in the laboratory

    Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

    The Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems (Bio2) is at the forefront of forest products technologies and cutting-edge biotechnology.

    Close-up on a pair of hands wearing white rubber gloves, holding a black plastic coaster.

    Department of Chemistry and Materials Science

    The Department of Chemistry and Materials Science focuses on micro-, nano- and atomic scale engineering of compounds and materials. Our work in these areas encompasses synthesis, characterization and computational research.

    Researchers in the lab

    Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

    The Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering's expertise areas are chemical engineering, metals process industry, energy technologies, and new materials production.

    School of Science

    The School of Science performs world-class fundamental research and develops scientific and technical applications based on its results. Especially the fields of computation and modelling, materials research as well as ICT and media account for a large part of the research conducted at the school.

    Green plastic triangle on a white board,

    Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

    Our main research areas are algebra and discrete mathematics, analysis, applied mathematics and mechanics, stochastics and statistics, and systems analysis and operations research.

    Illustration of combined TMS and EEG methods

    Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering

    We study system-level dynamic functions of the human brain, mind and body.

    Low Temperature Laboratory

    Department of Applied Physics

    The Department of Applied Physics pursues vigorous research in physical sciences and creates important industrial applications that hold great technological potential.

    PML Research Group in Department of Computer Science

    Department of Computer Science

    Modern computer science to foster future science and society.

    Kuva: Unto Rautio

    Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

    We conduct world-class research and education focusing on the creation and transformation of technology-based business.

    School of Electrical Engineering

    At the School of Electrical Engineering electrical engineering, the natural sciences and information technology intertwine to form smart systems and innovations that save energy and increase well-being. Our research is applied in mobile telephones, electricity networks and in satellites.

      Aalto University / Aalto satellite / photo: Mikko Raskinen

      Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering

      Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering (ELE) conducts research and arranges related teaching courses in the fields of electromagnetics, micro and nanotechnology, radio engineering, and space technology.

      anechoic chamber aalto university mikko raskinen

      Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

      The Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics (SPA) combines competence in different areas of research fields varying from ICT technology to core electrical engineering and its basic phenomena.


      Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

      The Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation is an ecosystem where scientists and engineers from different fields of microsystems, electrical engineering and automation work together to solve the most challenging scientific problems.

      Aalto University, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

      Department of Communications and Networking

      The Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet), is the largest unit in Finland in its research area.

      School of Arts, Design and Architecture

      The School of Arts, Design and Architecture began operating on 1 January 2012 when the School of Art and Design and the Department of Architecture at the School of Engineering merged together.

      The school is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries, and one of the most prestigious ones in the whole world. The areas of research in the field of arts and design include design, digital media, audio-visual representation, art education and visual culture. The viewpoint of usefulness forms the foundation of artistic activity.

        Student teamwork at Aalto University. Image: Unto Raunio

        Department of Architecture

        We train professionals to design human-centred environments.

        Filming. Image by Unto Rautio.

        Department of Film, Television and Scenography

        The Department of Film, Television and Scenography ELO is Finland's only university-level film school.

        Media Lab Demo Day

        Department of Media

        The Department of Media is an academic community of approximately 500 students and 80 staff members. We conduct research and provide education in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programmes across a broad range of subjects and themes.

        AALTO_b-9344_Original.jpg _OE_4723_Original.jpg

        Department of Design

        The Department of Design is a diverse community of competent, creative and responsible individuals. In design, we appreciate technical skill, social significance and artistic expression.

        light colored artwork presenting exposures of a middle-aged body

        Department of Art

        The Department of Art educates and prepares professionals in the fields of art education, visual culture, curating, and contemporary art. The department is recognized internationally for high-quality artistic and art pedagogical activities, scholarship, and research.

        Other units

        Aalto Studios

        Other units at the university

        Aalto yliopisto Dipoli Unto Rautio

        Language Centre

        The Language Centre is a joint teaching and service unit for languages and communications at Aalto University both for students and staff. The goal of the Language Centre is to provide students and staff with such language and communication skills that give a strong foundation for success in both studies and in the world of work.

        Service entities
        Photo from the K-floor of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre, students working at desks.

        Learning Centre

        Aalto University Learning Centre offers you library services and facilities for studying working.

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