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Human resource at Aalto SCI coordinates employment issues, such as recruitment, contracts, new employee orientation, supervisor support and international assignments. The main part of these activities is operated at the departments by the department HR coordinators. HR manager coordinates and supervises the HR actions at the school.

Contact information

Our e-mail addresses are: [email protected]
You may also contact our HR team for assistance, by emailing [email protected].


Aalto SCIn yhteiset, PL 11000 – Aalto SCI Joint Functions, P.O. Box 11000

Henkilöstöpäällikkö – HR Manager Katja Vuorialho Kandidaattikeskus/Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1 H, huone/room H307a, puh./tel. 050 479 9962

HR Partner Elina Heikkilä Kandidaattikeskus/Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1 H, huone/room H307a, puh./tel. 

HR-asiantuntija – HR Specialist Helena Knuuttila  Kandidaattikeskus/Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1 H, huone/room H308, puh./tel. 050 578 0903

HR Generalist Jenni Ståhl Kandidaattikeskus/Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1 H, huone/room H308, puh./tel. 050 5961099


Neurotieteen ja lääketieteellisen tekniikan laitos, PL 12200 – Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, P.O. Box 12200

HR Partner- Maarit Pietiäinen F-talo/F-Building, Otakaari 3, huone/room F209, puh./tel. 050 592 9895

HR Generalist Sonja Kallio F-talo/F-Building, Otakaari 3, huone/room F209, puh./tel. 050 35 11 361 


Matematiikan ja systeemianalyysin laitos, PL 11100 – Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, P.O. Box 11100

HR Partner – HR Partner Johanna Glader  Kandidaattikeskus/Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1 Y, huone/room M217, puh./tel. 050 411 7666

HR Generalist Minna Westerlund Kandidaattikeskus/Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1 Y, huone/room Y213, puh./tel. 050 430 1658


Teknillisen fysiikan laitos, PL 15100 – Department of Applied Physics, P.O. Box 15100

HR Partner Lotta Maltolahti, Nano-talo/Nano-building, Puumiehenkuja 2 B, huone/room N254 puh/tel. 050 435 1512

HR Advisor Hanna Multisilta, Nano-talo/Nano-building, Puumiehenkuja 2 B, huone N254, puh./tel. 050 4483384

HR Generalist Teija Halme Nano-talo/Nano-building, Puumiehenkuja 2 B, huone/room N252, puh./tel. 050 344 2463

HR Generalist Susanna Holma Nano-talo/Nano-building, Puumiehenkuja 2 B, huone/room N252, puh./tel. 050 306 8711

HR Genaralist Telma Nihti F-talo/F-Buildling, Otakaari 3, huone/room F209, puh./tel. 050 4394399


Tietotekniikan laitos, PL 15400 – Department of Computer Science, P.O. Box 15400

HR Partner Laura Kuusisto-Noponen T-talo/CS Building, Konemiehentie 2, huone/room A248, puh./tel. 050 341 0145

HR Advisor Maaria Ilanko T-talo/CS Building, Konemiehentie 2, huone/room A241, puh./tel. 050 467 7063

HR Advisor Marlene Saracino T-talo/CS Building, Konemiehentie 2, huone/room A241, puh./tel. 050 475 9044

HR Generalist Laura Oulujärvi T-talo/CS Building, Konemiehentie 2, huone/room A240, puh./tel. 050 470 5501

HR Generalist Konsta Kilponen T-talo/CS Building, Konemiehentie 2, huone/room A240, puh./tel. 050 4717397

Email: [email protected]


Tuotantotalouden laitos, PL 15500 – Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, P.O. Box 15500

HR partner – HR PartnerSaara Haggren TUAS-talo/building, Maarintie 8, huone/room 3134, tel. 050 462 6180

HR Generalist Melissa Sutinen Tuas-talo/building, Maarintie 8, huone/room 3132, puh./tel. 050 439 4156

HR Services

Human Resource Services support your work and managerial duties at Aalto. We are available to help at every stage of the employment relationship. On this page you can find links to employment related information and contact information of the HR Services.

HR Services
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Employment information index

Employment information on careers, recruitment, career paths, other academic duties, working time, occupational healthcare and wellbeing, annual holidays, sick leaves, other absences, salary topics, competence development, housing services, termination of employment and entering retirement, Legal issues, visitors and HR contact information.

Employment information
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