Personal details, bank account and tax card

Personal information and bank details are inserted to Workday. Tax card is submitted to payroll team either via email or inner mal. Your local HR unit representatives can assist.
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Personal information

In the beginning of your employment HR collects your personal information and contact details and inserts them to HR-system Workday. Once your Aalto user ID has been generated and you have activated it, you can view and edit your own personal information in your Workday profile. Please make sure your personal details are always up-to-date. 

Mandatory personal and contact info: 

  1. Legal name (as in your passport - excluding foreign letters)
  2. Street address (remember to update once you settle to Finland!)

  3. Personal mobile phone number 

  4. Personal email (other than 

Other personal details:

  1. Preferred name, call name (your work email at Aalto is based on preferred name) 
  2. In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact information

Request to update your contact info appears in your Workday Inbox as part of Onboarding. Complete and submit every task, so that your inbox is empty. You can not later start new processes to update your contact details, if Onboarding is not finished.

Finnish personal identity code and Gender:

In Workday there are three options for gender: male, female and not declared. The Finnish personal identity code contains the information of gender, and as the Finnish law does not recognize other-gendered, a male or female gender will be included in the code as you apply for residence permit, register your right of residence or apply for a tax card. In the university's systems your gender is shown according to the option chosen in Workday.

Tax card

The tax card must be submitted to payroll unit either electronically or on paper. If no tax card is delivered to the payroll prior to the payday, a tax of 60% will be withheld. More information on tax card. 

Employees can increase their tax rate by informing the department’s payroll unit in writing or by e-mail. Decreasing tax rate or altering the salary limits stated on the tax card, cannot, however, be changed without requesting a new tax card from the Finnish Tax Administration.

Bank details for salary

Employees can add their bank account information via Workday, if they have either a Finnish bank or a SEPA-country bank account.

Other than SEPA-country bank account can be submitted directly to payroll (via HR). Payroll doesn not accept other than non-SEPA accounts via a form.

Add or edit bank account information for salary payments

Employees can add their personal bank account details to Workday, if their bank is located in a SEPA country. Finnish bank accounts can be added directly, bank accounts in a different SEPA-country can be added after HR has changed the bank location. Other than SEPA-country bank account details can be sent directly to payroll. Payroll does not accept directly sent bank details for other than non-SEPA-country accounts. To handle your bank details within the system you need to first connect via secure connection and identify yourself with Microsoft Authenticator app.


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Onboarding guide for new employee

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