Access rights, access tokens and key control on Otaniemi campus

Here you will find instructions on where you get an access token and how to register access rights. You can also find instructions on what to do if the access token is forgotten or lost.

The goal at Aalto university is to open spaces at the campus to faculty, staff and students, as well as expand the use of spaces to the Aalto community. New access control practices help to get easily and automatically correct access rights (access to buildings) and access tokens to the campus. 

How to get an access token and access rights

How to proceed when you need an access token and access rights on Aalto university campus located in Otaniemi (staff and students). Here is also an instruction how to proceed if your employment/studying right ends.

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Lost or forgotten access token

How to proceed if my access token is forgotten or lost?

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Access control Cliq2 and other traditional keys

Access control related to Cliq2 and other traditional keys.

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Identity card in Aalto University

In accordance with the principles of the open campus, the university staff members must use a Aalto visual identity card and a guest must use a visitor card when moving around the university premises.

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Building and facility officers

Building and facility officers

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Access zones

Aalto University's buildings located in Otaniemi will be divided into four access zones.

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Access control to different stakeholders and expanded rights

Do you need expanded access rights (access to a special zone)? Do you need detailed information on how stakeholders (students, staff, visitors, short-term visitor, infra users, tenants, co-working customers and onsite service providers) take into use a new token? Learn more about the procedures.

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Access control working guidelines are pointed to the stakeholders, which will be controlling the access tokens (HR, receptions, supervisors, guards etc). 

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Access control work instructions

Work instructions in English.


Access control Cliq2 and other traditional keys

Access control related to Cliq2 and other traditional keys.



Training materials will be published here.

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Access control FAQ

Access control FAQ

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Feedback on access control update project

Access control on Aalto University campus

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Otaniemi campus exceptional opening hours

Please notice the opening hours of the buildings when visiting the campus. Please find below exceptional opening hours during summer 2021 and during summer holiday season.
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Access control practices are changing - read the instructions on how to proceed

The changes will take effect during December 2020, and will apply to everyone on Otaniemi campus.
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More tips for using your new access token

When using your new access control token on Otaniemi campus, please take the following spesific factors into account.
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Access control as a part of university strategy - summary of info sharing session with recording

Info sharing session about the new access control policy was held on 25th August. Please find below summary about the session with recording (duration about 1 hour).
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