Onboarding checklist for new employee

This list is prepared to help new employees with onboarding to new workplace and new tasks. Take ownership of your onboarding and make use of the checklist and follow it to succeed with your onboarding. The list is long but utilize those parts that are relevant to you!

We hope you have a great onboarding experience!
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Great to have you as an Aalto Community member, new Aaltonian 😊

Please take ownership of your onboarding to Aalto University and follow the list to cover all areas of your onboarding.

Mark down what you have already learned and ask others (HR, colleagues, supervisor) what is still possibly missing.

Be active, learning things and networking early on will make your work easier and more fun in the long run!

In this list onboarding topics are also in Finnish; the first Finnish lesson for foreigners 😊

Please note that the links are to English webpages, but you can change the language in upper section 

If some of the links don’t work please try searching with the topic from webpages.

The checklist below contains the following categories for topics. 
To find faster what you are looking you can also use the ctrl+F function.

  1. International arrival issues
  2. Own work
  3. Own employment issues
  4. Other employment related issues
  5. Practical issues
  6. Networking and international stakeholders
  7. Aalto University
  8. How to find HR Service Point and IT Service Desk? 

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Onboarding guide for new employee

Orientation and onboarding info with links to relevant information for new Aalto employees.


More information

Human Resource (HR) services contact details

Contact details to Human Resources (HR) services for Joint University services as well as for HR units at Schools and Departments.

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HR Services

Human Resource Services support your work and managerial duties at Aalto. We are available to help at every stage of the employment relationship. On this page you can find links to employment related information and contact information of the HR Services.

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