Onboarding checklist for new employee

This list is prepared to help new employees with onboarding to new workplace and new tasks.
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Please discuss these topics with your supervisor/manager and with your team members.


Induction Targets



Own Work and Tasks

What is the core of my tasks, my responsibilities



What are the goals of my work



How does my work relate to the goals of my unit and Aalto University



How can I acquaint myself with my work, who can I ask for help and advice



Who are my most important partners



Tools and working spaces



Where is my workstation



What equipment, machinery, information systems do I need in my work



What risks are associated with my work, how is work safety ensured



How are environmental issues handled: for example, recycling



Own Team and Unit / Department / Subject

What are the goals of my unit/department/subject



Who is my supervisor, colleagues; what are their tasks



Who are the partners and customers of my unit



How does my unit work: way of working, operating and decision-making and internal communication



Where are my unit facilities and what are they like



Departmental meeting practice and management



What is the development discussion practice



Teaching practicalities



Student related issues: ordinary study paths, usual minor subjects, thesis supervising process



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Onboarding guide for new employee

Orientation and onboarding info with links to relevant information for new Aalto employees.


More information

Human Resource (HR) services contact details

Contact details to Human Resources (HR) services for Joint University services as well as for HR units at Schools and Departments.

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HR Services

Human Resource Services support your work and managerial duties at Aalto. We are available to help at every stage of the employment relationship. On this page you can find links to employment related information and contact information of the HR Services.

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