Campus restaurants and cafés

Information on the lunch-time restaurants and cafés on the Aalto University campuses. Please, check each restaurant’s and café’s own website for information on varying opening hours.
Three students sitting next to a wooden table, and studying. Two of them have laptops in front of them. Photo: Unto Rautio

Otaniemi – A summary of the daily menus in Otaniemi.

A Bloc restaurants



Restaurants and cafés closed during the following dates

Alvari (
(Fazer Food Services)


Silinteri ( (Fazer Food Services)


Aino cafe ( (Fazer Food Services)


Elissa cafe (Fazer Food Services)


TUAS ( (Fazer Food Services)


Dipoli (Fazer Food Services)


Fazer Food & Co A Bloc, Otaniementie 12 (Fazer Food Services)


Täffä (


Arvo (Sodexo Oy)


Kvarkki (Sodexo Oy)


Konetekniikka Otakaari 4 (Sodexo Oy) 

Restaurant is closed as from 22.11. due to reparation work.

Computer  Science building  Konemiehentie 2 (Sodexo Oy) 


Valimo (Sodexo Oy)


Subway Konemiehentie 2


MAU KAS Vuorimiehentie 5


Robert's Coffee Otaniementie 9


Studio Kipsari Otakaari 7 (Tokyo ry)


Kipsari, Otaniementie 14 (Tokyo ry)


Restaurant Factory, Otakaari 5 


Restaurant Fat Lizard, Tietotie 1


Eat Poke HKI, Otaniementie 12 (A Bloc)


Espresso House, Otaniementie 12 (A Bloc)


Fafa's, Otaniementie 12 (A Bloc)


Jungle Juice Bar, Otaniementie 12 (A Bloc)


Ravintola Konnichiwa, Otaniementie 12 (A Bloc)


Who the xxx is Alice, Otaniementie 12 (A Bloc)


Map of Otaniemi’s restaurants and cafés


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