Add or edit bank account information for salary payments

Bank details must be inserted to the appropriate fields reserved for the details in order for them to transfer automatically to payroll system. New employees receive a request to add bank account details to their inbox as a part of Onboarding on their first day of work. To add or edit your bank details within the system you need to connect via secure connection and identify yourself with Microsoft Authenticator app. If you are using a personal device outside campus, then you must use Aalto's virtual desktop and Microsoft Authenticator app in order to access bank account details. If your bank account is located in a foreign bank, please see instructions below.

Why the secure connection and user identifying are necessary?

Aalto university has a responsibility to keep your sensitive information secure and confidential. Especially details connected to salary payments are often targeted in phishing and other attemps to collect sensitive data. Aalto has taken these security measures to prevent and block such activities.

We recommend that you start by downloading the Microsoft Authenticator application and set it up with Aalto Multifactor Authentication instructions.

If you are using a personal device outside campus, you must connect with the Virtual Deskop and identify yourself with the Microsoft Authenticator to access bank account details. See instructions below in the

Default country for bank is Finland

  1. Finnish bank account details can be added directly
  2. If your bank account is located in a bank that is in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country, please ask HR to first change the default country(eg. Germany, France, Sweden etc.)
  3. If your bank is located outside SEPA-area, submit the request in your inbox empty. Ask HR to provide a form for bank account details, that can be sent directly to payroll.

Payroll does not accept directly sent bank details for other than non-SEPA-country accounts.

Change bank account details

  1. Make sure your secure connection to Aalto network is succesfull.
  2. Go to your worker profile's section Pay.
  3. Start the Privileged session and identify yourself with the authenticator app.
  4. Add a new account (don't edit existing!).
    • Choose bank country accordingly (only possible when adding a new account, not when editing old!)
    • Bank account number and other details must be inserted to the appropriate fields in order for it to transfer to payroll system. Comment section does not transfer any data to payroll and is not secure!
    • Please remove all space bars.
    • There should now be two account numbers.
  5. Remember to change the Salary payments account in the Payment Elections. The salary payments are directed to the account chosen here.
  6. You can now remove the old account (Note! The account chosen for salary payments can never be removed; you can only remove the "passive" account). 

Please note: Your bank account number is not visible to you, even after you have inserted it. You can press edit to see the 4 last digits of your account. If they are correct and process status is successfully completed, your bank account info has transferred to pay roll.

How to change bank account in Workday
If Edit or Add buttons are not visible, secure connection is not succesful.

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