IT Service Desk contact information and service hours

Using Aalto University IT equipment or services? Need help? Have a problem? Help is available for you at IT End User Support and our IT Service Desks.

IT End User Support is here to help you

When you have a question or a problem, you can:

  • Visit IT Service Desk during our opening hours (see below for more information)
  • Book an appointment in advance with Vihta ( (for staff only)
  • Ask help via IT Chat (if you cannot see it, enable your cookies on this page)
  • Create a service request at
  • Call us at +358 50 513 2000 (see below for service hours)
  • In issues with AV equipment in a teaching space, contact IT Service Desk AV Help at +358 29 442 0190.
  • Send email to [email protected]

Visit IT Service Desk during opening hours 

There are two IT Service Desks at your service: one in the Undergraduate Centre and one in the Väre building. You can drop by during opening hours. Aalto university staff can also book a time in advance.

IT Service Desk Kandi (Undergraduate Centre)

Visiting address: Otakaari 1M, room U133a

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday 9–11 and 12–15
  • Thursday to Friday 9–11 and 12-14

See the map below for IT Service Desk Kandi's location in Undergraduate Centre.

Map of Otakaari 1 showing where to find Starting Point (room Y199a), Human Resource Services (room Y195) and IT Service Desk (room U133)

IT Service Desk Väre (Väre building)

Visiting address: Otaniementie 14, room R101

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday 9–11 and 12–15.
  • July 1 - 28: closed

Book your appointment in advance

Aalto staff can book a time to the IT Service Desk. Appointments are available Monday to Friday from 9-11 and 12-15.

Book the time at

Please note that the appointment service is not available for students.

IT Chat 

When you are on one of the IT service pages at ( a chat service is available on the page:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9 - 11 and 12 - 15
  • Thursday: 9 - 11 and 12 - 14

Note! If you do not see the chat service on this page, please allow cookies on this site.

Create a Service Request

You can create a service request at The service request eSupport form helps you to include all the necessary information that we at IT End User Support need in solving your IT problem.

Call IT Service Desk

+358 50 513 2000

You can reach us by phone on: 

  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00 - 17:00
  • Friday: 8:00 - 15:45
  • During June and August: Mon - Fri 8:00 - 15:45
  • During July: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 15:00

Having problems with AV equipment in teaching spaces at the Otaniemi campus? 

In addition to Aalto University Lobby Services you can contact IT Service Desk AV Help at +358 29 442 0190.

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 19:45
  • 3.6.-19.6.: 8-15:45, except 5.6.: 8-11:45
  • 24.6.-2.8.: 9-15
  • 5.8.-31.8. 8-15:45

For problems on other than AV equipment, for example, lighting or power sockets, please contact Aalto University Lobby Services. 

When the problem does not prevent teaching and is, for example, a service request, AV support for an event later on or a development suggestion for AV equipment, please contact [email protected].

IT Services

You can find up-to-date news, contact information, chat and instructions of frequently used IT services at IT-help hub: accounts, passwords, email, MFA, vpn, printing, teams, zoom, VDI and guidelines how to procure workstations and phones.

aalto it help en

Frequently Asked Questions

Resetting the password, and a forgotten password

Your password requires resetting if you have not changed your password by the deadline. The password is valid for 730 days, after which it must be changed or your user ID will be automatically locked. You will receive an automatic warning message when the password expires well before the due date.


How to change the password

A password for Aalto University must be changed at 730-day intervals, and it can be changed by using an Aalto computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) or at


Access control with HSL card

Students need an HSL card or a student token for accessing many facilities e.g. student hubs. You can use your HSL card or collect an access token from Väre or Otakaari 1 lobby services and register it.


Printing at Aalto University

You can print documents at Aalto University with a personal printing card.


Aalto cloud email

Link to your Aalto email in web and links to instructions on email.


Multifactor Authentication (MFA, 2FA)

Why we use MFA at Aalto and instructions for starting to use MFA.

Aerial photo of Väre in Otaniemi

Establishing a remote connection (VPN) to an Aalto network

A remote connection, or a VPN connection, enables users to use the services of Aalto University outside of the university's network.


OneDrive: Quick Guide

OneDrive allows you store your files in one place, share them with others, and get to them from any device connected to the Internet. Every user at Aalto University gets 5 TB of OneDrive storage for free. This guide helps you get started.


Sharing the wireless network in your phone with a computer (Hotspot)

You can use the instructions below to share the wireless network in your phone (iPhone or Android) with your computer (hotspot).


Microsoft Office package: installation on students’ and employees’ own devices

Aalto University students and employees are provided, free of charge, with Microsoft Office 365 programs (e.g., Word, Excel and PowerPoint) for their own devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones) with the Microsoft Office ProPlus programme (for students, this is also referred to as ‘Student Advantage’).


Online meeting tools - Teams and Zoom

Teams and Zoom are tools for video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Panopto is a software and media service that is designed to capture, edit, stream, and share video presentations and recorded lectures. You can not use Panopto for online meetings.

A man typing with a laptop on their lap. Only showing their arms and the laptop on their lap. Photo by Aalto University

IT Services for Research

A selection of IT tools for researchers including devices, collaboration solutions, websites, IT support as a service, data storages and backups, data transfers, computing, on-premise and cloud resources, security support, and IT guiding.


IT Services for Students

Information on the IT Services available for students, starting with how to set up your Aalto account.


IT contact information for schools and partners

Contact persons in Aalto IT for teaching and learning, research and innovation, services, and administration.

IT Service Desk

IT services

At Aalto University IT Services, we oversee the entire lifecycle of IT solutions, infrastructure and related operations management, as well as end-user services and user experience. We are responsible for planning and implementing digital transformation together with our internal and external partners and support the University's goal to be a pioneer in digitalisation in learning, teaching and research.

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IT Services

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