IT Services for Students

On this page you will find information on the IT services available for students at Aalto University and links to relevant pages:

- how to contact IT Service Desk
- how to activate your Aalto account
- how to choose a password according to the password policy and how to keep your password safe
- a link to the Cyber Security training for students
- information on multifactor authentication
- information on email
- links to Aalto websites that have relevant information for students
- information on Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive and home directories
- information on wifi on Campus
- information on VPN and Aalto Virtual Desktop
- information on printing
- information on computer classrooms (check availability and software
- information and links on the software available for students
- information on collaboration tools and research data hub
- information on, a professional site building platform for designers and artists
- Campus maps

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IT Services

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