Microsoft Office package: installation on students’ and employees’ own devices

Aalto University students and employees are provided, free of charge, with Microsoft Office 365 programs (e.g., Word, Excel and PowerPoint) for their own devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones) with the Microsoft Office ProPlus programme (for students, this is also referred to as ‘Student Advantage’).

The software can be downloaded in the Office 365 online service and by using an Aalto University email address. The software can be installed on five different devices.


Downloading the free Office applications is available by using an Aalto University email address ([email protected]).

It is important that you type your Aalto University email in the email field, because this ensures that you are a student of staff member at Aalto University and enables you to install the Office product package.

Terms and conditions to use online products and services, which Aalto University has licensed for its employee, student, alumni and other individually defined persons: Information security at Aalto University

  1. Office applications are installed on a workstation via the Office 365 website
  2. Activation of Office occurs automatically with the Aalto ID, so no specific product keys are required. If activation is requested separately, please enter your Aalto email address. If the email address is requested, always enter your Aalto University email address ([email protected]).
  3. Office is installed on a Windows workstation locally, and the applications work in the offline mode. Office is installed on the workstation by means of program virtualization, and the software is updated automatically across the network.
  4. You can start the applications for the first time only a couple of minutes after installation began. However, you must let the software download in the background, across the network.
  5. Office applications has now been downloaded to your computer.

Please note! If the service cannot be activated on a MAC OS X computer, the reason may be that your password contains a Scandinavian character such as ‘Ä’, ‘Ö’, etc.

Further information about the validity of access rights is available on the IT policies page.

If you are having problems with the Windows installation, you can first try using the Office uninstall support tool described at the bottom half of this page.

Microsoft Office

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