IT Services for Research

On this page, you will find a selection of IT tools for researchers including devices, collaboration solutions, data storages and backups, data transfers, computing, on-premise and cloud resources, websites, security support and IT guiding.

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Service Status (external link)

Real-time information about service status in Aalto.

Remote research

IT services for research and creative practices - remote tool collection

Instructions and tips for remote research and creative practices.

Harald Herlin Learning Centre aula

Digital Aalto

We have a very ambitious goal: within the next five years we are going to be a leading European university regarding digitalisation research and practice.

Devices and IT tools

Collaboration Tools

Research data

Research funding and publishing

IT infrastructure/capacity services


Other research IT services




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IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk is a contact point for the users of the Aalto University IT needing basic IT guidance and troubleshooting. 

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Service portal

+358 50 513 2000 

[email protected] 



IT Customer Relationship Managers

IT Customer Relationship Managers are the main contact point for IT development and IT solution advice. They can be reached at [email protected]

Besides, every school has its own IT account responsible who can assist and consult in ICT services and cases.

Schools of ARTS and BIZ

Schools of CHEM and ENG

Schools of ELEC and SCI

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Antti Laari Petri Hallikainen

Gilda Paluszewski

+358 50 402 7053 +358 50 472 5207 +358 50 449 4686
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]



Training for research IT solutions and services

In case you are looking for training for research IT solutions and services, check out Aalto -Training to support research page

For training to use CSC solutions and services, visit CSC - Training page

If you can not find your desired training, don't hesistate to contact IT Customer Relationship Managers at your school. Scroll up 🡅




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