AV expert services

AV expert services offer acquisitions, solutions, planning and implementation related to the University’s AV technology. Unigrafia offers recording of lectures and video production.

If you wish to contact AV services, please contact the IT Servicedesk:

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Aalto’s AV services are responsible for the infrastructure of AV technology, such as presentation technique, at the university level. This includes, e.g., the planning and implementation of solutions for presentation technique at teaching and conference facilities. AV services are also responsible for support and development of presentation technique. The goal is to unify the University’s equipment and practices, and to seek cost-efficient and effective solutions.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:


The services include constant development and maintenance of AV technology, so one-off solutions are not offered. If necessary, AV services may outsource some of the services.

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IT Services

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