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Artificial Intelligence in Aalto.
ai in aalto

AI, or artificial intelligence, means teaching computer systems to do tasks that require human-like intelligence. Examples of AI could include speech recognition, facial recognition, transcription of lectures, translating text to other languages or self-driving cars.

Read more to learn how Aalto provides internal productised AI services initially to Aalto staff and plans to extend some of these services to students in the autumn as well.


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Decades of research in AI and machine learning

Aalto University, through its predecessor institutions, has been involved in AI research since the early days of the field. The Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) had strong research groups focusing on AI and machine learning.

Aalto University hosts several centers of excellence and research groups focused on AI. The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) is a notable example. FCAI aims to produce world-class AI research and develop AI-based applications.

Read more:  FCAI / Research

Elements of AI and Aalto AI Assistant

Learn the basics of AI

How much effort would you like to input?

  1. For a thorough yet simple education in AI, go to Elements of AI. It's a free online course series offered by University of Helsinki, providing flexible subject selection of few minutes or a total comprehensive 30-hour course.
  2. If you're focusing on understanding one AI tool, try the Aalto AI Assistant, our own ChatGPT. Learn the basics 

    --> Instructive video of AI Assistant (11 min) or 
    --> Read more Aalto AI Assistant (former Aalto GPT).


Aalto’s AI guidance for teachers, researchers and students

These guidelines aim to address the needs of Aaltonians, to find good starting points and rules for the use of AI.

  1. For teachers and students - Guidance for the use of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning at Aalto University
  2. For researchers - Responsible use of Artificial Intelligence in the research process
  3. For students - Tips for using artificial intelligence for students | Aalto University

The user interface of Aalto AI Assistant

Aalto AI Assistant, our own ChatGPT

AI Assistant is a chat-based tool, for Aalto personnel, connected to the same language model that is used by ChatGPT. You can use it in translations, text polishing, content creation and brainstorming. 

Read more about Aalto AI Assistant (former Aalto GPT).

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Generative AI services for Aalto personnel *

  1. Aalto AI Assistant, our our ChatGPT.  (*This service will be published later on for students as well)
  2. Build your own app, with AI API services.  You can apply for GPT language model APIs, such as GPT 3.5, GPT 4 or Dall-E, through the AI API Service, via Aalto IT services, or discover a variety of APIs and language models through SCI/RSE services.
  3. AI supported translation and multilingual features in our official tools, like MS Teams, PowerPoint and Panopto

    Read more about AI services


House of AI - Aalto is offering AI services now for external stakeholders

Aalto University is establishing a multidisciplinary House of AI centre to produce scientific research and practical applications in the field of artificial intelligence. The core of the House of AI's activities is high-quality scientific research and close collaboration between researchers and companies.

Read more House of AI 

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