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All Aalto University's mailboxes are in the cloud as of 2021. On this page you can find a link to Aalto email in web and links to instructions related to email.

All Aalto University's mailboxes are in cloud (Microsoft 365) as of 2021. Cloud email:

  • enables a 100 GB mailbox size 
  • has a separate 100 GB online archive
  • supports a variety of Microsoft 365 applications (ToDo, bookings, etc) 
  • allows delegating Teams meeting arrangements to someone else.

Link to

You can use Outlook's email and calendar functions online at Use your Aalto email address and Aalto password to log in. In addition, you can use Outlook on the desktop app on your laptop or with your phone.

Related instructions

Multifactor Authentication (MFA, 2FA)

Why we use MFA at Aalto and instructions for starting to use MFA.

E-mail & calendar

All those with an Aalto ID are entitled to use e-mail and calendar. You can use Aalto cloud e-mail and calendar also with webmail.


Aalto email for your phone: instructions for iPhone and Android

Instructions for setting up an email account on your phone and for for bringing your Outlook contacts to your phone

outlook app logo

Aalto cloud email - frequently asked questions

Here you can read frequently asked questions related to cloud email.

Outlook mailbox for a Mac

Microsoft Outlook can also be used on Mac computers. Follow these instructions to take an Outlook mailbox in use on a Mac.

Mac Mail on Aalto University's computers: How to start

Instructions on adding Mac Mail to Aalto University's computers.

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