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At Aalto, we’ve already come far in our digitalisation journey. We have a strong research environment and attractive educational offerings supported by digitalisation, as well as a track record of running teaching and research activities online. We use modern digital platforms for a range of services: communication and collaboration, human resources, campus access, partner management and university administration. 

Digitalisation continues to be a key driver and enabler of Aalto’s strategic goals. It provides a foundation that enables us to establish centres of excellence, develop our research infrastructure, improve our quality of learning and student experience, and build innovation, creative, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

Aalto continues to invest in open, state-of-the-art physical and digital infrastructures and services, as well as the digital competence of our staff and students. Our next goal is to become a forerunner as a data-driven university.

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Highlights & stories regarding digitalisation

Digital transformation happens everywhere - in teaching, learning, research, creative practices, collaboration, services and at the campus.

Aalto University's main campus in the winter
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Leap for Learning – projects' update November 2023

Changes in students’ alumni disclosure authorisation in Sisu.
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Leap for Learning – projects' update October 2023

The extensive student service offering and the appointment booking functionality offered in MyStudies have been advertised to students.
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Aalto University Microlearning Playbook has been launched

The playbook aims to assist educators in creating engaging learning experiences through microlearning.
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Event: Real Examples of Virtual Laboratories on 13 November 2023

Join us for a networking and knowledge sharing event on cutting-edge digital possibilities of digital twins, metaverse, virtual laboratories and learning environments.

Furthering the reach of our academic community's own voice, site hosts the blogs written by members of Aalto University: faculty, staff and students.

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Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility guidance for Aalto web sites, e-services, mobile applications and documents to implement the national Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019).

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Digivisio 2030 project

Aalto University is an active member of this joint program that aims to renew Finnish higher education with digitalisation and make Finland a model country for flexible learning.

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Kati Hagros

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