Tools for Creative Practices

The following list details tools, facilities and information to help you express your creativity in Aalto.

Note that some of the workshops and devices might require prerequisite courses, special permissions, training or agreements between departments but in theory, all tools are available to all students, staff and researchers - just have good justification for your needs!

Pease e-mail the author found at the bottom of this page or use the form to submit a new device or change request.

Useful links

Diverse Studios Takeout equipment

Aalto Studios Takeout (external link)

Wide selection of equipment for audiovisual projects at the Otakaari 7 Takeout office. Part of the Aalto Takeout network.

IT Service Desk

IT services for students

IT Services (ITS) provides many services for students eg. email, computer classrooms, campus wifi, printing services.

IT-ohjeet / IT insrtuctions Quick guide

The new user interface for provides a fresh and updated experience for searching available spaces on Aalto campus. In this version several new features are added to make the booking experience better. Please see the change log at the end of this User Guide for details of new features in each release.
In the below screenshot, you can see the landing page, which provides the starting point for all space bookings.


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Resource Information Links and important courses

Scheduling tool for Workshops and tools in Arts

Workshops in School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Video tour here (Youtube)

Weaving, Knitting, Sewing, Textile Printing, Pattern Making, Biofilia, 3D Print, Waterjet Cutting, NC machining, Mechatronics, Plastics and Laser Cutting, Paint Shop, Surfacing and Working with Chemicals, Ceramics, Glass Workshop, Sculpture, Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Printlab, Metal Workshop, Wood Workshop, Multi-material Workshop, Construction Workshop, Photography Studio, Darkrooms and more...

Course: ARTS infra workshop Access, Topic: Workshop Booking (

2022-23 <- Workshop availability and vacations can be seen here.

Scheduling tool for Engineering and Science Aalto Research & Teaching Infrastructure Scheduling Tool
Equipment borrowing service for Aalto community  Aalto Takeout - Equipment discovery for Aalto University
Takeout support for exhibitions Book a free  helper for your exhibition. Takeout support for exhibitions
Reservation of exhibition spaces

Organise an Exhibition at Aalto University

Events Library Hub for information on planning and executing events in Aalto. The list includes tips, software and links to make the needed reservations and manage participants. Events Library
Arts infra van - Van can be used only for transportations related to ARTS teaching, research or artistic activities. searching for the license plate "XBZ". ARTS infra van
Aalto Studios "This is where things get real. We are used to running multidisciplinary projects and our staff’s expertise lies in performative arts and digital fabrication." What is Aalto Studios?
Aalto Fablab Aalto Fablab
Aalto Studios Costume Workshop Costume workshop has sewing machines and common tools for working with fabric and other clothing materials. It also includes a dying workshop. Costume Workshop
Aalto Studios Set Design Workshop Set Design Workshop Orientation Set Design Workshop
Aalto Studios Wood Workshop Wood workshop has almost everything you need for working with wood. Wood Workshop
Aalto Studios Metal Workshop  Metal workshop has almost everything you need to working with metal. Metal Workshop
Aalto Studios Atelier An atelier for working on your projects that don't need large equipment. Atelier, Classroom 377
Aalto Studios VR Studio A fully equipped room for working and testing your VR equipment. VR Studio has better computers with more software packages available than the VR Hub. VR Studio
Aalto Studios VR Hub A fully equipped room for working and testing your VR experiments. VR Hub
Design Factory Metal and wood workshops, 2D and 3D Printing, painting room, studios and much more. Design Factory
3D printing studio Väre 3D printing mainly for students of Art and Design. 3D Print
Self-service studio Want to record a lecture or conversation? Everything from lights, camera's and microphones are pre-setup for Panopto recording and streaming. Self Service Studio
Self-service '2D' print studio Väre 2D printing for everyone after completing the online tutorial. Self Service Printlab

Find more workshops and spaces in the sections below!

Useful resources

Here are listed some useful resources for making, documenting and exhibiting your works

Workshops and Facilities

There are lots of interesting workshops and facilities around campus. They are worth exploring to enhance your work and encourage multidisciplinary collaboration. They might also have that one tool that you really need.

Digital Fabrication Machines

Digital fabrication machines require computer files as input for the machine to work. Generally a vector graphic file format can be converted in the selected workshop and processed with the right software. For machining stl files can work, but generally parametric models are preferable. 

If you have a tool, machine or device that would be useful for artistic or creative practices please fill in the survey below. 

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This page is updated periodically. If some information is out of date, or you know of useful equipment that is not on the list, fill out the form above, use the following link, or send us a message directly.

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IT Help

Here you can find answers to most of your IT related questions.

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Map of Aalto campus with buildings and selected points of interest listed in the site above.
Aalto campus workshop locations

Click on the link for an interactive map of workshop locations: Aalto campus workshop locations in Thinglink.

Also see Useful Aalto Map.

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