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Here are Aalto University's official and productized AI services, followed by a selected AI services from SCI.

1. Aalto AI Assistant 

Aalto AI Assistant is a chat that utilizes Large Language Models (LLM) such as GPT3.5 and GPT4. While it currently supports these models, there are plans to include more language models in the future. The models are currently operated on the cloud, but there are intentions to introduce local models that prioritizes enhanced security.

Aalto AI Assistant can be used for tasks like refining text, obtaining feedback on personal compositions, and analyzing larger documents. GPT models are safe and can be applied to public and internal information and confidential data. 

Most important links about Aalto AI Assistant

2. Chat with - in internal testing 

A brand new AI-powered feature now enables chatting across all 65,000 pages of You can ask anything related to the content found on We are looking forward to your feedback to develop the beta version further.

Read more:  Chat with – new feature for personnel is looking for your feedback

chat with aaltofi

 3. AI APIs

Certain language models and other AI services can also be accessed via technical APIs, which enable the automatic processing of large datasets or the creation of interactive applications leveraging the AI capabilities.

AI APIs in Aalto

3.1. Basics

Only public, internal and confidential data processing is permitted, excluding secret data. For more details on data classifications, please refer to the information provided at

3.2. Costs

IT Services covers costs up to 300 euros / project. The additional costs must be paid the the project itself.

3.2. How to get access

To get access to APIs, you will need to complete a form on the self-service portal. If you have any queries prior to filling out the request, you can contact the IT Service Desk at [email protected] to get assistance.

Read more more about the available APIs and their usage instructions at AI APIs in Aalto and contact [email protected] if you need more information.

4. AI-related services from SCI

4.1.  The Aalto Research Software Engineers (RSEs) provide specialist support regarding software, computing, and data.

RSEs consist of experienced researchers who have broad experience with scientific computing (programming, computing, data) for the academic work, and thus can seamlessly collaborate on research projects. We can also do consultation and training.

Read more about SCI/RSE.

4.2. Triton is the Aalto high-performance computing cluster. It serves all researchers of Aalto, coordinated from within the School of Science.

Read more about Triton.

4.3. Aalto RSE maintains Large Language Models and can provide help with using these, even to users who aren’t computational experts.

Read more about LLMs offered by RSE.

5. AI-supported tools for translations in Aalto 

Already now there are various AI-supported technologies in your Aalto workstation and in Aalto software, to help you with the multilingual teaching. 

Read more:  AI-supported tools for translations in Aalto 

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Aalto AI Assistant (former Aalto GPT)

Your personal AI assistant.

The user interface of Aalto AI Assistant
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