Sisu is a tool that students, teachers and members of Learning Services staff in various roles can use for handling all aspects of study planning and scheduling as well as credit entry.

Quick links to Sisu interface and instructions

Logo of the Sisu student information system

Link to Sisu ( (external link)

Link to the web interface of the Sisu student information system.

Sisu instructions main page illustration

Sisu instructions: front page

The front page of Sisu instructions for students

Applications, instructions and guidelines
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Sisu Help: Sisu instructions for administration and teachers ( (external link)

Website where you can find instructions how to use Sisu student information system for Aalto administration and teachers.

Sisu support contact information

Sisu support contact information for students.

Sisu instructions main page illustration

User rights

Log in to Sisu by entering your Aalto username and password. 

Students do not need to request user rights. Teaching staff do not need to request user rights for processing study plans or managing the courses they teach. Learning Services staff can apply for user rights through the Sisu Access shop.

Further information on Sisu user rights and the request form


Functionalities of Sisu include:

  • personal study plans (HOPS)
  • follow-up and development of studies based on personal study plan data
  • basic register for student information
  • registration for courses and examinations
  • tools for teachers for the management of the data of students taking their courses, and for grading 
  • compilation of degree certificates 
  • online services for students, such as requests for graduation and applications for a credit transfer for studies completed elsewhere

Leap for Learning – enabling success

Leap for Learning is a change initiative that supports future-led learning and streamlines everyday work.

Two new platforms – Sisu and the Aalto Service Platform – will revolutionise services related to teaching and learning at Aalto University.​

Leap for learning for teachers

Leap for Learning for teachers

Many teaching and learning services and workflows will be renewed over the coming year. Related projects have been brought together under the heading of Leap for Learning.

Digital Aalto
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Leap for Learning for Students

Summary of current and upcoming changes in study practice.

Digital Aalto
consulting staff on using Sisu

Leap for Learning for Learning Services Personnel

The number of students and lifelong learners is likely to increase in the future, and so is the digital collaboration between universities.

Digital Aalto

Student Services

Student services' task is to support study progress and study ability at the university. Here you can find the contact information of Student services team.

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