Programme Management Services

The Programme Management Services team is part of Aalto's joint Learning Services (LES). We support the development and management of degree programmes and education, and work with processes related to internationalization. In addition, we offer and develop the Learning Services communication, and provide translation and proofreading services.
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Learning Services (LES):
Otakaari 1, 2nd floor

Programme Management Services team:
[email protected]
Learning Services Communications:
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Translation Services:
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Service manager

 Johanna Söderholm

Johanna Söderholm

Service manager, Programme management services

Support services for planning, development and internationalisation of education

Learning services communications and translation services

Minna Pasanen

Specialist, team leader
Students at Aalto University Learning Centre

Programme director's handbook

The programme director's handbook is a collection of guidelines, templates, and good practices. The handbook gathers together information about processes, schedules and tools and the aim is to support degree programme directors, heads of majors and others involved to succeed in implementing, evaluating and developing the degree programmes.

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Internationalisation of teaching and learning

Promoting international teaching and studying is a central element in Aalto University strategy.

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Educational Leadership Forum

Educational Leadership Forum provides a place for educational leaders such as programme directors and heads of majors to meet and discuss perspectives on development of education and leading education.

Programme director's handbook
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Preparing a new degree programme

The most important thing in preparing a new degree programme is the clear purpose of the programme and the fit of the programme as part of Aalto University's degree programme portfolio.

Programme director's handbook
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Using data of teaching and studying for programme development

Data about teaching and studying is one of the key bases that support the monitoring, evaluation and development of education and our programmes.

Programme director's handbook
Ryhmä opiskelijoita istumassa rakennuksen aulassa.

Programme Director’s Annual Clock in service platform: description and user guide

Programme Director’s Annual Clock is a tool for programme directors in service platform to help manage the programme and anticipate to Aalto University's time-related educational processes. The tool offers a uniform way to describe and view the educational processes, including the descriptions and instructions of the tasks related to processes.

Programme director's handbook
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