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Success of Students study well-being project

Our students’ study well-being and study abilities are important at Aalto University as a part of Aalto strategy 2016-2020. The goal is to enhance the success of students by advancing study support, teaching and learning services.
Success of Students study well-being initiative (2016-2020). Image: Arttu Haglund

Action plan for 2018-2020 / Success of Students project

Based on the results of annual AllWell? questionnaire, our main focus areas for 2018-2020 are as follows:

  1. Targeted study well-being services and communication in Aalto
  2. Pedagogical education and development

Contact persons in study well-being initiative

Academic leader of the initiative

The AllWell? student survey

The AllWell? student survey is sent to all Aalto’s 2nd year bachelor's and 1st year master's students every year.

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Student Services psychologist group

The Student Services psychologist group comprises Aalto’s study psychologists and the career counselling psychologist.

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Opiskelijoiden tukeminen, ohjaus ja hyvinvointi
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Starting Point of Wellbeing

The Starting Point of Wellbeing offers students easy access to counselling and advice on matters of well-being and study ability. The services available to you include drop-in (no reservation) advising/counselling sessions, peer support groups, and online materials. You can also make an appointment to receive individual counselling.

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Logo of Starting Point of Wellbeing

Personal Impact

Personal Impact brings to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being.

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Aalto University's joint strategic initiatives in the field of education for 2016-2020 are Aalto Online Learning, Learning Challenge Aalto, Programme Attractiveness and Success of Students.

We educate game changers by

  • pioneering online and blended learning experiences with improved learning results
  • strengthening work life capabilities and integrating real life challenges into teaching and learning by deeper industry-academia relationships
  • improving content and quality of our degree programmes, and processes and tools related to student recruitment, marketing and admissions
  • enhancing student wellbeing by advancing study support, teaching and learning services
Strategy 2016–2020: Shaping the future
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