Doctoral education services

Doctoral education services support doctoral students, supervising professors, thesis advisors and doctoral programme directors in matters related to doctoral studies. Doctoral education services belong to Research Services.

Support for doctoral students and applicants

Doctoral education services supports doctoral students during their entire study track, from admission to graduation (e.g. advice regarding planning the studies, financing of studies, pre-examination and doctoral thesis process) and ensuring communication and follow-up on these matters.

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Doctoral education hub - everything there is to know about doctoral education at Aalto University

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS): [email protected]
School of Business (BIZ): [email protected]
School of Chemical Engineering (CHEM: [email protected]
School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC): [email protected]
School of Engineering (ENG): see personal emails below
School of Science (SCI): [email protected]
General questions: University-level Doctoral education services (UDES): [email protected]

In matters related to employments contracts and issues, please contact Aalto University HR services.

Support for Faculty

Doctoral education services support doctoral programme committees, doctoral programmes and their directors, and the academic faculty in the planning, execution and development of their administrative duties related to doctoral education.

Doctoral education services participate in national and international co-operation and development of doctoral education. The team is represented in the Aalto University Doctoral Education Working Group (DEWG).

Management of doctoral education at Aalto University

To reach all the members of the Doctoral education services, please use the mailing list [email protected]. If you want to ask about your own studies or situation, please contact your School's team members directly.

Doctoral education

Everything there is to know about doctoral education for doctoral students, supervising professors and thesis advisors.

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