Programme director's handbook

Programme director's handbook

The programme director's handbook is a collection of guidelines, information about processes, tools, services and good practices at Aalto University. The aim is to support degree programme directors, heads of majors and others involved in implementing, evaluating and developing the degree programmes.

For new programme directors, we recommend getting familiar with the onboarding material before getting familiar with the handbook.

Educational leadership and programme management practices are constantly being developed. As a result of the development work contents of the handbook will be supplemented and updated to better support the management of education in Aalto.

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Curriculum design at Aalto University

Aalto University’s curriculum design guidelines and schedule aims at supporting sustainable, future led degree programmes.

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Preparing a new degree programme

The most important thing in preparing a new degree programme is the clear purpose of the programme and the fit of the programme as part of Aalto University's degree programme portfolio.

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Joint programme governance and management

Guidance for good practices in managing joint degree programmes and drafting a joint programme governance model.

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Using data of teaching and studying for programme development

Data about teaching and studying is one of the key bases that support the monitoring, evaluation and development of education and our programmes.

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Processes and tools for programme management

This page brings together common principles and best practices in programme management processes, as well as various tools for program management and development.

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Policies and regulations guiding degree programmes

The university curricula are designed and implemented in accordance with the university strategy, and various academic guidelines, rules and regulations.

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Management of education

Continual development of the quality of teaching and learning is one of the university's key strategic objectives. Aalto University promotes a positive culture of learning. Special attention is paid to supporting the progress of studies and monitoring the study process to ensure learning outcomes.

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Quality assurance and evaluation of education

At Aalto University we implement a comprehensive quality assurance framework to evaluate our educational activities.

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Educational Leadership Forum

Educational Leadership Forum provides a place for educational leaders such as programme directors and heads of majors to meet and discuss perspectives on development of education and leading education.

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Teacher’s Handbook

This handbook contains practical information for a teacher on teaching at Aalto University.

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News and events

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Educational Leadership Forum 1/2024 - Flourishing degree programmes: wellbeing and the relations between leading, teaching and learning

The theme for this event is flourishing and wellbeing degree programmes. The Forum is an event for Aalto´s educational leaders such as programme directors and heads of majors. The purpose is to offer possibilities for interaction and networking to support educational leadership at Aalto.

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