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Oasis of Radical Wellbeing researches the wellbeing of Aalto people, gathers wellbeing knowhow from around and outside Aalto, and spreads and curates information about holistic wellbeing as an essential part of the Aalto everyday life - of the students as well as teachers and all Aalto staff.

We think that contemplative practices and a dialogue about wellbeing are needed both on personal level as well as as a part of our systemic thinking. This is essential also for the sake of inclusivity, equity and diversity in Aalto.

Especially at these times it is essential that we all take care of the safe space of all the members of our community - that of our own, and that of everybody else.

Aalto Wellbeing Week 2022 Keynote: Psychologist Ville Ojanen & "Are Your Brains Stuck?"

Keynote by Ville Ojanen, PhD: practical, humane, evidence-based views on wellbeing and resilience.

Lecture in Finnish, video later in English. Read more!
Psykologi Ville Ojanen, FT, 2022.

43% responded to the 2022 AllWell? survey!

The survey was sent to all second-year bachelor’s degree students and first-year master’s degree students at Aalto University. This year, their total number was approximately 4,700. About 43% of them took the survey. AllWell warmly thanks all of them!

Read more
Mindfulness by Oasis of Radical Wellbeing, Aalto University

Benefits of Calmness: mindfulness and other calming practices for You

Mindfulness and other soothing practices can be useful tools for you!

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing
Portrait of Aalto University's Provost Kristiina Mäkelä

Fostering equality, diversity and inclusivity in the Aalto Community. (external link)

"Diversity is part of who we are. Aalto university wants to foster a community that shines by working together", says provost Kristiina Mäkelä in her speech about equality, diversity and inclusion.

Wellbeing Desk

Wellbeing Desk

Wellbeing Desk is a low-threshold service point for all Aalto personnel.

Wellbeing Ambassadors and Merita Petäjä at CampusOmstart. By Suvi Helko 2022

It is time to be together (external link)

Merita Petäjä, psychologist: Getting together now feels especially important. The war in Ukraine has changed the way we see Europe and ourselves — our role in the community. By Merita Petäjä, project manager at Oasis of Radical Wellbeing.

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Wellbeing needs to be part of the pedagogy of the institution... integrated into the overall functioning of the university.

Dr. Kamilah Majied

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing team

Merita Petäjä

Project Manager

Suvi Helko


Tiina Pylkkönen


Tuuli Asunmaa


Minna-Mari Moisio


Jani Romanoff

Ida Salin

Ida Salin

HR Specialist, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Laura Miettinen

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