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Management of education

The learning path at Aalto University covers the needs of life-wide learning. Key actors in education are university's professors, lecturers and programme directors. University's management and services support and enabler their duties.
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The future-led development of teaching and learning is one of the corner stones of the university's strategy. Aalto University promotes the development of positive and inspiring learning culture, in which a special focus is on enhancing the aligned curricula design and the development of fluent study paths. The Leap for learning project aims at user-driven development and implementation of services and digital tools for improved learning experience. 

Organisation of education

The Vice President for Education is responsible for education at Aalto University. The Learning Steering Group (LESG) prepares and coordinates the implementation of the university's strategy and joint development projects and prepares issues related to education for the university's deciding bodies. The University Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) decides on the University's curricula, degree requirements, admissions criteria as well other general rules related to teaching, research, art and creative practices, and appoints the bodies necessary to carry out research and teaching. 

The management, development and monitoring of learning and teaching as well as the related Learning Services (LES) unit are based on the university strategy in accordance with legislation in the field of education, MEC instructions and other guidelines. These are available on aalto.fi and student website Into. The Aalto University General Rules on Teaching and Studying are supplemented by the degree regulations of the schools and further instructions by the President, the Provost and the Vice President for Education.

Schools are responsible for the quality of qualifications they award, the results they achieve and the specific allocation and prioritisation of resources. At the schools, the Deans are responsible for education, but may transfer decision-making power in teaching matters to the Vice Dean in charge of Teaching. Each school is responsible for the appropriate allocation and prioritisation of resources needed for teaching, and for achieving the annually agreed performance targets related to teaching.

Life-wide learning at Aalto University covers the competence development needs with degree education as well as with the offerings of Aalto University Junior, Open University, Aalto Summer School, FITech Network University and AaltoEE(Aalto Executive Education Ltd).

The Learning services (LES) is responsible for ensuring fluent studies by providing the necessary services and processes supporting learning and studying throughout the study path. Co-operation groups for coordination and development ensure the efficient preparation and management of operative and long-term matters related to teaching between the university and the school levels.

The strategic plans for teaching and learning are prepared for the period of 2022-2025. According to the principles of the living strategy, there is a regular process, University Dialogue, for evaluating and revising the strategic focus areas. 

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Our plan 2024-2027

Explore our strategic plans for 2024-2027

Our strategy

The programme director's handbook provides a holistic set of guidelines and good practices for programme management purposes at Aalto University. The teacher's handbook seeks to provide practical information on teaching practices, digital platforms for teaching and learning, and physical learning spaces for teaching.

Programme director's handbook

The programme director's handbook is a collection of guidelines, templates, and good practices. The handbook gathers together information about processes, schedules and tools and the aim is to support degree programme directors, heads of majors and others involved to succeed in implementing, evaluating and developing the degree programmes.

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Teacher’s Handbook

This handbook contains practical information for a teacher on teaching at Aalto University.

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The quality of teaching and learning is monitored and evaluated utilising student feedback and peer reviews. Peer reviews are conducted as regular teaching and education evaluations in which an international panel is assessing the quality and impact of education.

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Teaching and learning evaluation exercise – TEE

The target of TEE 2020 is to identify needs for future development in education at Aalto, and make visible and evaluate the achievements during the 10 Aalto years.

Programme director's handbook
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The principles of feedback in education and student feedback in Aalto University

In Aalto, feedback is collected from students during different phases of their studies. Hearing the voice of students is vital for the development of teaching and training as well as for quality assurance and for improving study-related services. Feedback is used on multiple levels in many ways and its utilisation is a special area of focus in Aalto. Student guilds and organisations are also interested in and benefit from feedback and surveys.

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Leap for Learning – enabling success

Leap for learning - a change project supports future-oriented learning and the smoothness of daily work.

Digital Aalto

Learning steering group (LESG) coordinates the planning, implementation and evaluation processes in education. The Learning services provide details on how the strategic objectives guide the curricula preparation. In addition the implementation of the education major development activities are described.

Learning Services

Aalto University Learning Services (LES) is responsible for all services which facilitate the smooth progression of studies at the university.

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