Management of School of Engineering

The School of Engineering management hub presents information regarding the decision-making processes of the school and the bodies involved.

General topics

View the pages below for information on how the operations of the School of Engineering are organised, managed and developed.

Organisation and leadership

Descriptions of the units and leaders of the School of Engineering.

Machinery in the Otaniemi research tunnel

Strategic and operative management

Details on how the school's operations are directed and how planning works.

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Management of teaching and learning

Descriptions of decision-making and management in the area of education at the School of Engineering.

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Quality and development

Information on the quality system and its role in the school's activities.

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Equality in the School of Engineering

Plans and measures for promoting equality among the School of Engineering community.

People working

Academic decision-making

The primary body for academic issues is the Academic Committee for Engineering. Select academic matters are also handled by the school's doctoral programme committee and degree programme committees, in accordance with school bylaws.

Preparation for decision-making

These bodies participate in the governance of the school by preparing matters for decision-making bodies. Examples include the management teams of the school and its departments and the school's tenure track committee.

Decision-making support

The school regularly seeks advice on strategic development from external parties through the Scientific Advisory Board and the Stakeholder Advisory Board.

Scientific Advisory Board

The SAB monitors and support the school's research and education activities, to give suggestions for the school's future direction and development and to assess the effects of past development measures.

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Stakeholder Advisory Board

The Stakeholder Advisory Board helps the school maintain the relevance of its research and education for society at large.


Rules and regulations

The primary rules for the school's governance are outlined in the bylaws of Aalto University and the bylaws of the School of Engineering. Basic rules for everyday activity in Aalto University are assembled in the university's Code of Conduct.


Aalto University_Audit concluding event_16-5-2023
For Aalto community University Published:

Quality together - Audit process concluded

Aalto university’s quality audit concluding event was held on 16 May in Dipoli and online.
audit task force
For Aalto community University Published:

Quality together - Hurrah we did it

Aalto University passed the audit of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC/Karvi) with excellent results.
Two students are sitting in large, colourful chairs inside Dipoli
For Aalto community University Published:

Quality together – Audit team for the quality audit appointed

The four-member audit team to visit Aalto University in January.
Julisteita EPFL:n kampuksella
University Published:

Quality together – Learning about equality, diversity and inclusion

Benchlearning visit to EPFL Lausanne gave valuable insights into EDI practices when we prepare for the upcoming quality audit.

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