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Degree Programme Committee

The School of Engineering Degree Programme is an academic body charged with administering bachelor's and master's degree education at the school.
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The duties of the School of Engineering Degree Programme Committee cover the administrative tasks related to degree education – this includes the evaluation and approval of bachelor's and master's theses, decisions on degree programme development as well as quality assurance and feedback processing.

The degree programme committee also prepares proposals for the Academic Committee for Engineering regarding degree programme curricula, degree requirements and admission criteria.

The administration of the Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions is handled by a separate degree programme committee.

Degree programme committee membership

The committee has a minimum of seven members from the degree programmes represented in the committee. At least four of the members are elected from among teachers – of which at least two must be professors – and three are elected from among students by decision of the Aalto University Student Union. One of the professors is nominated as the committee chair and a vice chair is selected by the committee from among the professor members.

The term of office for the degree programme committee is four years. The term of office for the committee's student members is one year.

Current members

Deputies of committee members given in parentheses.

  • Teachers
    • Jani Romanoff, puheenjohtaja
    • Marko Keskinen (Heidi Falkenbach)
    • Maaria Nordman (Claudio Roncoli)
    • Gerhard Fink ( Wojciech Solowski)
    • Jukka Tuhkuri (Tua Björklund)
  • Students
    • Sofia Ahola  (Janika Metsola)
    •  Vilma Puusaari (Aatu Jäntti )
    •  Anniina Haka (Ollimatti Särkelä)

Presenting officials of the committee are Mirka Jalonen, Börje Helenius, Jaana Kauppi, Päivi Kauppinen, Katri Koistinen, Saara Kanerva, Leila Kuusela, Erika Ruohonen, Saara Sokolnicki, Sanni Valkeapää, Aino Roms and Helena Suonsilta (secretary of the committee).

Meetings and deadlines

Below, you will find the committee's meeting dates as well as their associated deadlines and decision dates for thesis topic applications and approval of completed theses.

Dates marked as No meeting are aimed for bachelor's degree students and those master's degree students whose thesis has been approved in a previous meeting and wish to graduate.

Meetings and deadlines for 2023
Deadline for applications (Monday) Meeting date (Monday) Decision date (Wednesday)
30.12.2022 (Fri) 23.1.2023  25.1.2023 
30.1.2023 No meeting 15.2.2023 
27.2.2023  20.3.2023  22.3.2023 
27.3.2023  No meeting 12.4.2023 
12.4.2023  15.5.2023  17.5.2023 
29.5.2023  12.6.2023  14.6.2023 
26.6.2023  No meeting 12.7.2023 
31.7.2023  21.8.2023  23.8.2023 
28.8.2023  No meeting 13.9.2023 
25.9.2023  9.10.2023  11.10.2023 
30.10.2023  No meeting 15.11.2023 
20.11.2023  11.12.2023  13.12.2023 


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