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Management of operations and the schools

Information of management of joint operation of research, education, impact, cross-cutting approaches and enablers as well as schools management practices.

Management of core activities

The core activities at Aalto University are research, education and impact. The management of our joint activities are described in their management sites, which include the description of the area, its strategic plan and the actors, roles and responsibilities of the activity. You will also find the corresponding long-term evaluations for the areas below.


Management of research and art

Research at Aalto University is conducted by faculty and staff based in the departments. The role of the university management is to ensure the long-term preconditions for conducting high-quality and high-impact research and art.

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Management of education

Continual development of the quality of teaching and learning is one of the university's key strategic objectives. Aalto University promotes a positive culture of learning. Special attention is paid to supporting the progress of studies and monitoring the study process to ensure learning outcomes.

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Management of impact

As a community of faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners, we build our innovation, creative and entrepreneurial ecosystem as a prominent node in global networks.

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Management of cross cutting approaches and enablers

Aalto strategy includes three cross-cutting approaches namely, sustainable solutions, radical creativity and entrepreneurial mindset. These approaches cut across all our operations. The management of cross-cutting approaches describes the description of the area, its strategic plan and the actors, roles and responsibilities of the approaches

Enablers in our strategy include people and community, campus and infrastructures as well as services and resources. Similarly, their management is described in the corresponding management webpage.

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Management of cross cutting approaches

Sustainable solutions, radical creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset are reflected in everything that we do.

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Management of Enablers

Aalto University’s purpose is to shape a sustainable future by means of high-quality research, education and impact. To enable our success, we invest in our community and people, infrastructures and campus, and services and resources.

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Management of Aalto schools

Here you can view in detail the management of our six schools. The school management sites will describe the organisation and governance of the school, the school's strategic plan, quality assurance and annual clock. Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are key elements of Aalto strategy and linked to our quality assurance system. You will find the EDI related information also on the school management pages.

Aalto University School of Business new building in Ekonominaukio 1, Otaniemi

Management of Aalto schools

Information about management and decision-making at our schools.

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