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Equality in the School of Engineering

Plans and measures for promoting equality among the School of Engineering community.
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The School of Engineering aims to offer everyone an equal working environment in which employees and students representing different genders, backgrounds and positions are treated equally. Our common goal is to maintain atmosphere for studying and working at the university.

To support this aim, the school Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee prepares a biennial action plan, which is based on The Aalto University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan.

Development Manager Elina Karvonen acts as a contact person both in school's EDI development and as a school representative in the Aalto EDI Committee, which supports the planning, implementation and monitoring of the University’s EDI measures.

Gender and nationality statistics

Below, you can see graphs presenting demographic data on some of the key academic groups within the School of Engineering from 2017 and 2021.

    Graph depicting gender distribution in the School of Engineering

    The chart above shows gender distribution among graduates of all degree levels as well as teaching/research assistants, post-doctoral researchers, lecturers and professors.

    Though the changes between 2017 and 2021 have tended toward a more equal distribution, men account for roughly 75 % in all categories presented.

    Graph depicting statistical data on nationalities in the School of Engineering (years 2017/2021)

    This chart presents the progress in internationalisation within academic groups.

    In 2021, a quarter of graduates from the school's English-language master's education offering were foreign nationals, while the ratio of Finnish and foreign nationals is roughly even among doctoral graduates and post-doctoral researchers. 

    Note: bachelor's degree graduates are omitted from the graph, as the majority of B.Sc. education at the school is available only in Finnish/Swedish.

    Graph depicting demographics of School of Engineering professors, 2017/2021

    As professors represent a category of personnel with a low rate turnover, this graph presents the demographics of all School of Engineering professors along in comparison with those professors who joined the school during 2017–2021. Women and foreign nationalities are on average more represented among new recruits. 

    Equality work at the School of Engineering

    The School of Engineering has its own Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, whose task is to develop equality, diversity and inclusiveness work in the school, The Committee updates the EDI action plan of the school and monitors the progress of the plan.

    Members of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

    • Dean, Professor Kari Tammi, chair
    • Vice dean of impact
    • Professor Mashrura Musharraf
    • University Lecturer Athanassios Markou
    • Academic Coordinator Maija Taka
    • Academic Affairs Manager Mirka Jalonen
    • HR Partner Merja Seppänen
    • Representatives of AYY (nominated annually)
    • Development Manager Elina Karvonen, secretary

    School of Engineering Code of Conduct discussion events

    The Aalto University Code of Conduct presents the ‘fair play rules’ of our university community. Even though the rules are clear, the everyday working life is often more complicated than the principles presented in the Code. In spring 2023, the school initiated a discussion series for its staff and faculty to increase awareness of the topics in the Code, and to create competence for acting in situation where the Code may have been contradicted. The material of the events is available below.

    Further information

    See the pages below for more information on equality issues at Aalto University.

    Kuvassa eri-ikäisiä ja erimaalaisia ihmisiä työskentelemässä yhdessä. Kuva: Aleksi Poutanen

    Monimuotoisuus ja inklusiivisuus Aalto-yliopistossa

    Rakennamme inklusiivista yhteisöä, jossa yhteisömme jäsenet tuntevat yhteenkuuluvuutta ja voivat täysipainoisesti elää työn tai opintojen arkea tasavertaisina.

    Yhdenvertainen, monimuotoinen ja inklusiivinen Aalto
    kuva Dipolin sisätiloista tuolista jossa istuu henkilö

    How to intervene to harassment and inappropriate conduct

    The Code of Conduct is one way of putting our values and way of working - the foundation of our community culture - into practice.

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