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This site has two purposes:
1. Compile important information from the perspective of ARTS on the same page
2. To serve as a tool for orientation of the new teachers in ARTS

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Henkilöt turvallisuuskoulutuksessa / Kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto
Aalto organizes pedagogical training, more information below

ARTS curriculum design - follow timetable and guidelines

Basics about curriculums:

  1. Curriculum (course names, scopes, course descriptions) are approved for two years at a time in Aalto.
  2. Students and teachers see the approved curriculums in Into (
  3. Students' personal study plans (PSP, HOPS) are mostly based on the curriculum of the studies' starting year. PSPs are made in Sisu.
  4. The timing of the courses is planned with the so-called "recommended study timetables" that are published in Into.
  5. The course brochure (syllabus) in MyCourses is the finishing touch of the curriculum design. 
  6. "Each course is assigned a teacher-in-charge who is responsible for grading the course and organising it in accordance with the curriculum and academic timetable. The teacher-in-charge participates in preparing the curriculum and bears primary responsibility for ensuring both that the course implementation promotes the intended learning outcomes and that the credits awarded correspond to the workload. In addition to the teacher-in-charge, several people may be involved teaching and grading a course"

  7. ARTS Learning Services supports the curriculum process and programme directors in implementing and developing teaching.

See the Support for curriculum design -link below for ARTS schedules and guidelines related to curriculum work.

The programme director’s handbook provides additional information specifically for program directors and persons in charge of the majors but is also useful for other readers who wish to understand management processes and policies.

Course practicalities

Familiarize yourself with the instructions related to the teaching of the courses as a whole on the Course Practices page.

Then take a look at the more detailed ARTS guidelines, which are a little lower, concerning A. management of course registrations and B. assessment.

Course practicalities

This article offers information on course practicalities for teachers.

photo/Aalto University

A. Management of course registrations 

Management is the responsibility of the teacher in charge. Based on the information in the Curriculum Planner (, LES has created course implementations that should have their registration times ready. See the Sisu instructions to learn more, log in to Wiki to see all information.

Information about verified students is automatically transferred to MyCourses.

Who do I accept to the course? Who can I reject?

Registering to courses and the order of priority at Aalto ARTS

Information on registering to courses at Aalto ARTS and the order of priority.

Take note when evaluating the study attainments

  1. The grading scale expressed in the course descriptions is utilized in the assessment: 28 § Grading scale for study attainments; Course descriptions and course syllabi
  2. The teacher in charge is responsible for the assessment but may involve others in the assessment: 27 § Teacher in charge of study attainment evaluation
  3. “Students' study attainments are assessed equally on the basis of pre-published, clearly and openly defined competence objectives and assessment criteria”: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Aalto
  4. Publicity and data protection: Act on the Publicity of the Activities of Authorities (Finlex)Data Protection, personal data
  5. The teacher must give grades within four weeks of the end of the course: 30 § Notification of evaluation of study attainments
  6. Student's opportunity to make a complaint about the assessment: 35 § Grade appeals

To support the planning and implementation of teaching

Learning hub on diversity and inclusion

Practical tips for fostering diversity and inclusion.

Aalto people

For hourly-based teachers at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

HR's and LES' instructions for hourly-based teachers.

People talking and working in the café in Harald Herlin Learning Center, white lamps hanging in front.

Zoom Quick Guide

Quick Guide to using Zoom for online meetings and video conferencing.

Zoom software logo

Learning solutions for remote working and virtual leadership (external link)

Learning solutions for remote working and virtual leadership

remote work

Resource guides ( (external link)

Support for faculty and students making theses by discipline and in general related to information retrieval, publication and information resources.

Learning Centre graphics

Information on coronavirus

Information on the effects of coronavirus and COVID-19 on activities at Aalto University

Three students walking on campus on sunny day

Establishing a remote connection (VPN) to an Aalto network

A remote connection, or a VPN connection, enables users to use the services of Aalto University outside of the university's network.

Aerial photo of Väre in Otaniemi

Learn more about exams and study attainments

Exam room ( (external link)

Students can independently take exams or other tasks in the Exam rooms.

Background on ARTS facilities and staff

School of Arts, Design and Architecture Learning Services

School of Arts, Design and Architecture Learning Services staff by remits and teams.

Abstract image with several small square pieces in blue, aubergine and red. Photo by Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture

At the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, hands-on learning is essential. Our students have access to one of the finest workshop environment in the world, with a very high workshop to student ratio.

Arts_Infra - PrintLab workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Contact information for individual study arrangements

Here you can find contact details for each school.

Ryhmä opiskelijoita

Printlab Fine Art Printing

In Printlab’s Fine-Art Printing service you can make high-quality prints of photographs and graphics on the best museum-quality materials.
Printlab has the latest pigment-based large format printers with print width up to 160 cm. To use the service, you need to make a reservation. The master printer/workshop master provides assistance.

Arts_Infra - PrintLab workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Develop your courses further - collect and utilize course feedback

One of the current challenges in ARTS is the inaccuracy of course assessment information. What if you add a question about this to the course feedback system and follow the development of the feedback? Does the feedback change after the development activities?

Course feedback support in ARTS: [email protected]

Course feedback system - connection to Sisu and process timeline

This content has moved. You can find the updated version using the link in the content.

Additional information


The principles of feedback in education and student feedback in Aalto University

In Aalto, feedback is collected from students during different phases of their studies. Hearing the voice of students is vital for the development of teaching and training as well as for quality assurance and for improving study-related services. Feedback is used on multiple levels in many ways and its utilisation is a special area of focus in Aalto. Student guilds and organisations are also interested in and benefit from feedback and surveys.

ITP student team working outside

Aalto University Course Diaries mobile application

This application promotes individual learning processes as shared experiences, enable adapting teaching and learning during the course.

Feature image of Aalto University Course Diary mobile application. It says: "Aalto Course Diary: Assess your learning experience"

Data literacy for Aalto community

Start your journey towards data-driven way of working already today!

Main illustration for data literacy for members of Aalto community

What kind of trainings and support is available?

Teachers’ lunch is an academic forum for meeting colleagues at ARTS, listening to the introduction, and talks on a chosen theme dealing development of teaching. Syllabus workshops and Cornerstones of academic advising are sets of trainings organized four to five times a year. From these teachers and academic advisors can choose the time moust suitable for them. In addition we organize curriculum clinics during the curriculum process.

Additional information:
Academic advising: Ilona Virtanen, [email protected]

Orientation for new teachers: Teacher Services team, [email protected] (New teachers are invited to the orientation meetings with a calendar invitation. If you have not received a calendar invitation, you can send information to [email protected] of your participation. You will receive information about the meeting space via the invitation.)

Other trainings: Outi Kankaanpää, [email protected]

ARTS LES trainings:

Other trainings

Pedagogical training: main page

Do you want to develop yourself as a teacher? Start Aalto pedagogical training with A! Peda Intro and continue with other core courses, or check the available elective courses.

People talking and working in the café in Harald Herlin Learning Center, white lamps hanging in front.

Training to support digital teaching

Teacher services team organises training events, webinarsand workshops for users of shared learning platforms and tools. MyCourses, Panopto, Turnitin, EXAM, Presemo

Tiimitapaaminen / kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio

Internal training - Workday Learning (external link)

Develop your competences and search trainings with Workday Learning tool


Teaching services

Sari Tarvainen


Nina Sjölund

Suunnittelija, Opintoasiat

Kristiina Tengvall

Koordinaattori, Opintoasiat

Ilona Virtanen


Heidi Tukiainen

Study Coordinator

Erika Syväniemi


Outi Kankaanpää


Maria Riipi

Study Coordinator

Teaching services is responsible for the curriculum design process, pedagogical support, support for masters thesis process, teaching demonstration assessments (Educational board), Tongji - commissioned education, teacher orientation and course feedback.

You can reach us all by sending email to [email protected]

This service is provided by:

Learning Services

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