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Zoom offers communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Zoom is available for staff members and students at Aalto University.
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Taking Zoom into use

To use Zoom for online meetings you'll need both 1) an Aalto Zoom license and 2) the Zoom client.

  1. To get a license: sign in to with your Aalto username and password and you are assigned a Zoom license.
  2. Download and install Zoom, available for Windows, Mac, Linux; iOS, Android; web client
  3. (Optional)Open Zoom, and check your settings. 
  4. Statement regarding Zoom's security

Using Zoom

If you use the Zoom client first time:

  • Select Sign in with SSO
  • Your company domain = aalto

Read below how to use Zoom whiteboard during the meetings.

Zoom: how to start using the whiteboard

Meetings with audio, video and chat

Click on the headings below to see content.

Zoom meetings can be used for meeting virtually, producing a webcast, giving a lecture remotely, and for many other uses.

Zoom has good instructions available in their support center. All features mentioned there might not be available in Aalto Zoom. See limitations below.

Aalto Zoom specifications

Feature Specification
Meeting capability 500 participants (up to 1000 with separate Large Meeting license).
Client app available for Windows, Mac, Linux; iOS, Android; web client
Breakout rooms Available (instructions)
Dial-in from phone Available
Meeting recordings Local recording  instructions and cloud recording with Panopto integration instructions
Zoom Webinars 500 participants (1000 or 3000, You'll need more advanced webinar license. Ask more from [email protected])

Meeting and Webinar Comparison:

Zoom: Video tutorials

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