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This application promotes individual learning processes as shared experiences, enable adapting teaching and learning during the course.
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Aalto University Course Diaries (AaltoCourseDiaries, AaltoCD or ACD) lists your current courses at Aalto University and functions as a personal learning diary with sharing functionality. With this application, individual learning processes can be seen as shared experiences, promoting more openness in feedback dialogues and self-monitoring tasks as well as furthering overall student wellbeing.

Features in Course Diaries

As an Aalto University student, you can view your ongoing courses through the Course Diaries application and use quick links to access your workspaces. Certain Aalto University courses also include the possibility for dynamic feedback through Course Diaries, allowing you to browse the topics of the course and use them to update your learning diary. With the the help of the application's structured reflection tools, you can monitor your own learning progress.

When you submit learning diary data, it becomes feedback that your teachers and fellow students can consider and act on even before the course ends. Diaries consist of structured items and open response items. In addition to mobile application, Aalto University offers another interface for the application through MyCourses learning management system.

About Aalto University Course Diaries

AaltoCD has been created through a pilot project in Aalto University's online learning initiative A!OLE ( and Aalto University IT Services. The software partner is Visma Consulting Oy. Twitter Emoji (Twemoji) graphics used in this application are licensed under the CC-BY 4.0.


Support is available through [email protected].

For more information, please contact Ville Kivimäki.

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