Information screens and media walls on campus

Several buildings on the Otaniemi campus have digital information displays. Their main purpose is to provide information for people using or visiting the facilities. Some of the screens are also utilised for exhibitions, and during events when it is possible to use them for presentations. Anyone, who would like to have topical announcements presented on the screens, can submit content for approval.

Who can utilise the screens on campus?

Anyone who would like to have topical announcements presented on the digital displays can submit content for approval. As a rule of thumb, the announcements should be as topical as possible, and they should cover as large a share of the people who use the premises as possible.

Commercial advertisements or job ads will not be shown on the information screens nor the media walls. Commercial content is only allowed where suitable eg. Aalto shop, A Bloc screens.

Who updates the displays?

Almost every building has a person or persons responsible for updating the displays.

  • The communications experts at the schools help their respective customers with the announcements.
  • ACRE is responsible for updating the announcements by the customers of facility sales. Contact at [email protected]
  • Communications Services can also update all displays, if necessary, and pass on any content to be updated to the persons responsible. Contact at [email protected]

What to consider when planning content?

Information displays are often viewed from afar and when passing by. Try to summarise your message and use a sufficiently large font size. The display content needs to be delivered in the correct format and aspect ratio ready for upload. Preparing the content is the customer’s responsibility. 

Duration of the announcement

An announcement is typically displayed for 10-20 seconds at a time. Still images are usually shown for about 10 seconds. Videos can be up to 20 seconds long.

Try to summarise your message and use a sufficiently large font size. For example, do not include the entire conference programme in your announcement, but refer the user to a website for additional information by including the short URL eg.

Make sure that the background of the text is sufficiently muted and that there’s enough contrast. The Aalto University fonts are to be used, unless your message has a specific brand identity.


File formats

  • Video: .mp4
  • Images: .png or .jpg
  • The maximum size of the file is 60MB. If the size of the file is too big, it might cause the playlist to get stuck. Stucked files will be removed without notice.

Aspect ratios

  • Vertical (pylon) displays:
    • 1080px × 1920px
    • Images: 72 ppi
  • Horizontal (galaxo) displays:
    • 1920px × 1080px
  • Media walls (horizontal):
    • 1920px × 1080px
    • 3840px × 2160px (4K)

Time and place of the announcement

Usually, having the announcement displayed for two weeks is fine. We hope you do not to ask the message to be shown for longer in order to reserve time for topical announcements. Longer durations can also be considered on an ad-hoc basis.

Make a realistic plan for the announcement period and think about when it is most relevant to have your message displayed. Think where your audience is located and, as you submit your content, mention which buildings you wish to target with your material.


Avoid posting the same announcement in the three different languages (English, Finnish, Swedish) all at once. Think about your audience and use the best language(s) to reach them. You can also consider posting in one different language every week.

Inquiries and sending materials

Inquire about the possibility of making an announcement in good time and deliver the material to the person responsible for updates no later than one week before the requested start date.

Are there templates that can be used?

Communications Services provides templates, and they are available for download later on this page.

Where can the displays be found?

Vertical information touch screens can be found in the following buildings:

  • A Bloc (only for A Bloc tenant's ads)
  • Dipoli
  • Kemistintie 1
  • Learning Centre
  • Maarintie 8
  • Computer Science Building (T-talo)
  • Otakaari 1
  • Otakaari 3
  • Otakaari 4
  • Otakaari 5
  • Puumiehenkuja 2 (Nanotalo)
  • Rakentajanaukio 4
  • School of Business
  • Väre
  • Vuorimiehentie 1
  • Vuorimiehentie 2

Horizontal information displays can be found at least in the following buildings:

  • Otakaari 1
  • Computer Science Building (T-talo)

Media walls comprising several displays (horizontal) can be found in the following buildings:

  • Learning Centre
  • Dipoli
  • Maarintie 8
  • School of Business

Who is responsible for the screens?

Communications Services is responsible for any content policies.

The display hardware and the control system are the responsibility of IT Services. If you need a new information display for your premises, please contact IT Services. You can order a new display from Dustin's selection via the procurement for IT devices page.

How are different types of content presented?

Content will be run in the following order:

  1. Building-specific and topical events may momentarily use the monitors.
  2. Topical announcements targeted at a particular space.
  3. Curated exhibitions and other spatial art content.
  4. General announcements
This service is provided by:

Communications Services

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