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Organise an Exhibition at Aalto University

Aalto University has multiple exhibition spaces across the Otaniemi campus and the curators welcome interest from students, staff and researchers in organising their own exhibitions and projects.
Map of Aalto Exhibition Spaces
Map of Aalto Exhibition Spaces
'Co-creating the future of food' exhibition organised by Tua Björklund. HDW Designs For A Cooler Planet 2020. Image: Mikko Raskinen
'Co-creating the future of food' exhibition organised by Tua Björklund. HDW Designs For A Cooler Planet 2020. Image: Mikko Raskinen

How to organise your exhibition at Aalto University

Reservations for Otaniemi campus exhibition spaces can be made online using the Asio booking calendar. The digitisation of the booking system now provides exhibitors with more information such as: the choice of available spaces including images, floor plans, tech specs, guidelines and contacts to support preparations. 

Exhibitions, organised and produced by students and staff, provide an important interface to the curriculum and research at Aalto University. The opportunity to organise your own exhibition is open to all schools at Aalto. Any member of the Aalto Community including students, staff and researchers are encouraged to make use of the many spaces across the campus, which can be sites for self-organized exhibitions to share your work. 

Exhibitors can book a two-week reservation of available exhibition spaces using the Asio system by clicking Otaniemi > Exhibition Spaces and searching for the space.

You can search by building such as Väre, Learning Centre, Otakaari 1 or Otakaari 7

Booking Exhibition Spaces

Asio Exhibition Spaces

Booking Exhibition Spaces (external link)

Use the online reservation system to book your exhibition space at Aalto

Organising exhibitions at Aalto

Aalto University has 14 exhibition spaces across the Otaniemi campus which are free and open to the public year-round.  All Aalto University students, staff and researchers interested in organising their own exhibitions are welcome to coordinate them in the following way.

  1. Choose the right space for your exhibition: Exhibitors can reserve the use of spaces for exhibition in four buildings on campus: Väre (ARTS), Otakaari 1 (Undergraduate Centre), The Harald Herlin Learning Centre (Oppimiskeskus) and Otakaari 7 (Aalto Studios Gallery Lounge). See the Visual Resource Guide for Exhibitions here for more information.
  2. Use Asio to request dates for your chosen space: To reserve a space for your exhibition, log into the Asio system and select Otaniemi > Exhibition Spaces You can search by building, then by clicking the calendar icon on the space you wish to reserve you can submit a request for dates. Please try to keep to a two-week time frame to allow fair access to all. For any further questions regarding reservations contact: Jonna Utriainen <[email protected]>
  3. Use Take-out to reserve display systems and A/V equipment: Exhibition displays such as pedestals are now available to reserve through takeout 
  4. IT-support: IT and AV support for Aalto's IT services is available in the Otaniemi area on weekdays 8 am to 4 pm, and we also offer support for organizing exhibition activities. In terms of hardware, we offer standard office-type workstation support (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as AV support for AV connections corresponding to normal hall technology. Depending on the exhibition space, it may also be possible to have a wired network, but we recommend using the Aalto Open wireless network. IT services have some IT and AV loan equipment, but mainly the loan equipment needs of the exhibitions should be determined through the exhibition coordinators or Aalto Takeout. The user must borrow the equipment himself and the borrower is responsible for transporting and storing the equipment until it is returned. For more diverse and individual needs, as well as other IT and AV events related to the exhibitions, ask more from the exhibition coordinators (eg curated exhibitions) or contact [email protected] (eg Väre ARTS student exhibitions) to see exhibition-specific IT and AV support opportunities together.

For further information on exhibitions at Aalto contact:

Edel O' Reilly, Curator ([email protected]

Outi Turpeinen, Art Coordinator ([email protected])

Covid Guidelines

Currently, all exhibition practices are subject to Aalto guidelines updates related to coronavirus, please see below for updates: 

Further general guidelines can be found on Aalto’s coronavirus update page:

Exhibition at Väre gallery space

Takeout support for exhibitions

Väre Takeout and Studios Takeout both offer support for exhibitions at Aalto. This includes lending equipment and helping to choose suitable ones but also by offering some help in exhitibition building and transportations in some cases.

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Aalto Exhibition Contacts

Curators, specialists and services supporting exhibition activities at Aalto University.

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