Liveto – for virtual events

The virtual event platform Liveto supports presenting and hosting academic meetings and conferences online, offering Aalto faculty the possibility to keep up with academic networks and offer high-standard collaboration tools for our new way of working.

Liveto is Aalto University's contract provider for a platform that combines streaming, video content, chat and programme overviews. The web browser based platform offers tools for interaction, poster-sessions, meeting rooms, and networking.  

With the help of the Liveto platform the event production process is made easier, resources and time is saved, production support is offered and data and GDPR security ensured. The communication team supports faculty and staff in the creation process of the events with Liveto. 

Create your events using Liveto

  1. Contact communications (COS)
     - Ensure the use of Liveto by sending a message to [email protected]
  2. Confirmation 
    - You will get a confirmation with guidance and further information from Liveto's contact person. You will also receive a cost estimate of the service. 
    - Remember to provide Liveto your cost centre and project number for invoicing. 
  3. Creating the event
     - Reserve enough time for creating the event. Please reserve at least 3–4 weeks for creating and editing the online event, best results are achieved when the event is created at least 2 months in advance.
     - Use the Aalto templates, this makes it quicker and easier to create the event.
     - It is recommended to not make any changes to the Liveto platform about a week before the event.
  4. Resources
     - Reserve enough resources for creating the event, incl. instructing the speakers, moderating the chat etc. both before and during the event.
     - Reserve budget for streaming services, as well as other webinar costs.
    - More information about Liveto pricing(only in Finnish)
  5. Technical features for Liveto
     - The web browser based platform enables event programme on the main stage simultaneously with a number of sub rooms.
     - the programme on the main stage can be watched simultaneously by thousands, and the sub rooms by hundreds.
     - The platform enables eg. poster sessions as a two-way communication for max. 30 connections simultaneously.
     - It is possible to organise private meetings during a larger event on the platform.
     - Please note: Zoom is not integrated to Liveto, but requires Vimeo to send the signal.

Read more about creating events

Events Library

Events Library compiles all information you need for creating an event.

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