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Aalto Communications will give you useful information and Events Library can help for preparing an event.
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Please see up-to-date information about coronavirus and arranging events.

At Aalto University, hundreds of different events from seminars and conferences to other researcher, network and stakeholder meetings as well as exhibitions, shows and other events are arranged yearly for various target groups. The events are part of the communications and visibility of Aalto University: they introduce Aalto activities to ourselves as well as to outsiders. Anticipation and available instructions lessen the workload of the organisers as receiving information speeds up and the procedures become familiar. 

Guidelines for event organizers

Events Library

The new online guide offers instructions and assets for planning and managing events at Aalto University. The shared processes for organising events at Aalto University were developed in lean workshops during autumn 2019. Events Library has been created to provide shared standards and processes for events for the entire Aalto community. The standards and step-by-step guidelines help in navigating the event management process in order to plan and execute high quality events that are always functional and influential and in line with our strategy and values.

Events Library

Event network

As part of the service offered for event organisers across Aalto University an Event Support Network has been established. The purpose of the network is to share information and best practices related to event management. The network is open for everyone organizing events at Aalto University and plays a major role in the development of event related services across our organisation.

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DYI Event path 4
Path to successful event

The event team contact details and services

Jessica Sinikoski
Sr. Communications Manager
Tel. +358 50 590 5818
The team is led by Jessica Sinikoski who oversees the University’s strategic events and the annual event calendar. She develops and plans event concepts and contents to serve the university strategy. Jessica reports to the Communications Director and is a member of Communications Leadership Team.
Reetta Lindberg
Tel. +358 50 428 5227
Specialises in venue design and brand visibility at events. Coordinates Aalto’s expo stand and brand materials. Produces and consults campus events.
Tarja Peltoniemi
Sr. Producer
Tel. +358 50 532 3817
Oversees and produces internal events and seminars. Specialises in consulting events for large audiences and internal stakeholders.
Tatu Pohjola
Master of Ceremonies
Tel. +358 50 576 0125
Develops, oversees and produces academic events, primarily the Ceremony Week. Ceremony Week takes place every June, and includes among other events the ceremonial Conferments of degrees at the Aalto University.
Minna Pajari
Tel. +358 50 571 0526
Oversees and produces academic events and stakeholder meetings hosted by the President. Specialises in supporting other managements meetings and external events. Participates in the event management development project.

Email addresses: [email protected]

Aalto Communications event team works in Dipoli.
Postal address: Aalto University, Events, PB 18000, 00076 AALTO

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