Organising events at Aalto University

Aalto University Graduation Party, photo by Heli Sorjonen

At Aalto University, hundreds of different events from seminars and conferences to other researcher, network and stakeholder meetings as well as exhibitions, shows and other events are arranged yearly for various target groups. The events are part of the communications and visibility of Aalto University: they introduce Aalto activities to ourselves as well as to outsiders. Anticipation and available instructions lessen the workload of the organisers as receiving information speeds up and the procedures become familiar. Here is a request for consulting services.


University events

Strategic events

Aalto Communications event team makes the values and the strategy of the university visible and noticeable – creating shared experiences and traditions. The strategic events team is responsible for the Aalto University joined academic functions such as the opening ceremony of the academic year with the following after party and welcoming lectures of professors, Ceremony Week ending the academic year, President's functions and receptions as well as central stakeholder events. The team also implements the exhibitions, fairs and seminars that take place at Aalto University level. Additionally, the event team supports organisation of functions in the schools and is involved in the teams that prepare anniversaries and other events.

  • Aalto Day One, i.e. opening of the academic year
  • Tenured Professors' Installation Talks
  • Ceremony Week including ceremonial conferments of doctoral degrees, Graduation Party and other events linked to the end of the academic year
  • Events for major donors
  • Events hosted by the President and the Management Team

Events organised by schools and departments

  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Public examinations of a doctoral dissertation
  • Seminars, visits, presentations, launch events, meetings and congresses

Please get in touch if you need ideas for organising your event or if you are concerned about matters regarding preserving academic traditions or creating new ones, or any other significant events in the schools that are related to making Aalto University visible to either internal or external target groups.


For the moment, Aalto University has no designated conference expert but you can contact events team with this form. We will be happy to contemplate the matter with you.

For more information and assistance, please see also:
Visit Espoo congress service
Helsinki City Congress Services



Events should primarily be arranged in the university's own facilities. Find more information about the facilities on the campuses, the booking systems (ACRE and, and the use of facilities after opening hours. 

Use of facilities after opening hours

The facilities of Aalto University are available for different functions and evening events after the provided opening hours of each facility or building.

AV technology in events

Hundreds of events are held at Aalto University each year, and sometimes the audio-visual technology at the venues does not meet the needs of the event.
Aalto Studios lends event technology equipment and Unigrafia offers services for webcasts and recording. Further information: Aalto Studios (
Unigrafia (
There are also external service providers e.g. Broadway Finland. They offer help with more extensive solutions like technology for sound systems, lighting, video, as well as stage structures. Through Broadway Finland it is possible to order live webcasts as well as recordings of events. Contact person Jussi Kylliäinen | [email protected] | +358 41 504 4446

Videos and photography

Aalto Communications gives guidance to departments and research groups in matters related to producing videos and photos. To get more information you can contact Aalto communications by sending email.

Invitations and other printed material

Invitations and other printed material must be in line with the Aalto visual identity. Unigrafia is recommended for printing the invitations and other printed material. Invitation templates with the Aalto visual layout and editing instructions can be found in Unigrafia. Familiarise yourself with the brand library. Also, remember the possible language versions; see the instructions for translations.

Visibility of Aalto University during events

Do you need an exhibition stand or Aalto University promotional material? Is it possible to hand out Aalto material in the event? Aalto Communications event team coordinates the Aalto University exhibition stand and other visibility elements in communications. Aalto promotional material can be ordered and bought for handing out from the Aalto Shop.

Music license

If you use music in the event, it must be reported to Finnish composers' copyright society Teosto. In the university’s own events Communications Services has a yearly Licence for playing background music.

Brand Library

Brand Library provides guidelines and assets for using Aalto University’s visual identity in your materials.

AaltoxFlow_Mikko Raskinen

Aalto University Shop

Aalto University Shop brings together a selection of Aalto ARTS Books publications, student and alumni works and sustainably-minded Aalto University products.

Aalto University Shop
DYI Event path 4
Path to successful event

Event management development project

Strategic events team and Aalto IT services are currently developing an event management solution. The purpose of the development project is to create a tool, shared process and establish a service network that supports Aalto community in organising events. The first pilot for the event tool is organised in autumn 2019 and the tool is planned to be available for use in early 2020. The shared process for organising events at Aalto will be developed in lean workshops during autumn 2019. The participants of the workshops will form a service network that supports event organisers across Aalto University.

The event team contact details and services

Jessica Sinikoski
Communications Manager
Tel. +358 50 590 5818
The team is led by Jessica Sinikoski who oversees the University’s strategic events and the annual event calendar. She develops and plans event concepts and contents to serve the university strategy. Jessica reports to the Communications Director and is a member of Communications Leadership Team.
Reetta Lindberg
Tel. +358 50 428 5227
Specialises in venue design and brand visibility at events. Coordinates Aalto’s expo stand and brand materials. Produces and consults campus events.
Tarja Peltoniemi
Tel. +358 50 532 3817
Oversees and produces internal events and seminars. Specialises inconsulting events for large audiences and internal stakeholders.
Tatu Pohjola
Master of Ceremonies
Tel. +358 50 576 0125
Oversees and produces the Conferments of degrees at the Aalto University and other events within the Ceremony Week.
Susan Forsblom
Tel. +358 50 571 0526
Oversees and produces academic events and stakeholder meetings hosted by the President. Specialises in supporting other managements meetings and external events. Participates in the event management development project.

 Email addresses: [email protected]

Aalto Communications event team works in Dipoli.
Postal address: Aalto University, Events, PB 18000, 00076 AALTO

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Communications Services

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