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The internal newsletter for Aalto University personnel helps you stay up-to-date on matters and news of our university community - you will receive the letter biweekly by email
Toimistossa istuva nainen selaa tablettiaan, pöydällä esillä puhelin, muistikirja ja kynä.

Updated 19 June 2024

The personnel newsletter compiles current content published on the website into a news digest, which you can easily read also on your smart devices. From the letter, you can see at a glance both news and highlights common to all Aalto employees as well as current news of your own school.

As an Aalto employee, you will automatically receive the personnel newsletter* in your e-mail.

The letter is sent to everyone in English. You can read the letter in Finnish by clicking on the Uutiskirje suomeksi link in the upper right corner of the letter. The majority of the content is for Aalto community only, so please remember to log in with your Aalto ID. The newsletter is published and edited by Aalto University Communications.

* Aalto Info, Aalto ARTS Newsletter, Business School Post, Eetteri (Aalto CHEM), Sähköisku (Aalto ELEC), ENGine, SCInfo.

Newsletter schedule, autumn 2024

The letter is published biweekly on Thursdays: 22.8., 5.9., 19.9., 3.10., 17.10., 31.10., 14.11., 28.11. and 12.12. Please note that changes are possible.

The content for the letter is chosen by Aalto University Communications. You can influence the content of the letter by publishing news and events on website. The content to be highlighted in the letter must be published in English and Finnish on on Monday prior to the newsletter publication date. Please contact Aalto Communications if you need rights to content production: [email protected].

Make sure to follow news and events fresh online - please visit the For personnel page and the news listing page where you can filter content displayed in both listings. 

Frequently asked questions about the personnel newsletter

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