Create your own website as part of Aalto University

What options do you have if you want to build a separate website? We present a number of solutions for different purposes.
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Website options

  • Hub at
  • Drupal spin-off site
  • Wordpress template

Hub at

For small scale projects fully part of Aalto University where no budget is allocated, a hub at is recommended. It runs on Drupal, one of the most popular CMS solutions, and keeps the same look and feel as well as all the components made available for With the current navigation options, it will take the form of a mini-site inside the umbrella site i.e. No custom-made solutions​ are possible though. The domain will read as

Example (basic hub):
Example (school hub):

More information about hubs

Drupal spin-off site

Drupal spin-off sites powered by Aalto University guarantee high accessibility and security standards. They follow modern web trends and offer a unique look while at the same time bear visual relation with​. They also include the possibility to use all the current components available at Lastly, they have their own top navigation and a number of custom-made solutions —from colours to logo and additional paid features. The domain will read as

Example (basic site):
Example (extra features):

More information about spin-off sites

Wordpress template

More information coming soon.

Website comparison

  Hub at Spin-off site WordPress template
CMS solution Drupal Drupal WordPress
Basic site price (€) Free 2,500 Free
Extra features Not available Paid features Not available
Example site Coming soon
Contact  [email protected] [email protected] Coming soon


Drupal and WordPress solutions are hosted using Aalto servers, keeping the data safe and local. Regardless of the website option you choose, the website coordinator will help you through the process of server hosting.


New domains are reserved during the website creation process. If the site is to be in the format, Aalto Communication services shall approve your choice of domain before Aalto IT creates the domain name. If the domain already exists and you want to continue to use it in a newly create site, Aalto IT will redirect it.

Online analytics

If there is a clear need for it, and an intent to actively make use of web analytics, Google Analytics can be installed to the website. Online analytics will give you insights on page views, traffic sources, user behaviour, searched terms and much more. Read more.

Design system

Design system helps developers and designers to create user friendly, accessible and brand compliant digital services.

Read how design system can help you
Screenshot of Aalto's design system's components page
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Communications Services

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